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Either directly on the ELEMNT or in the ELEMNT Companion App, selecting . Rated 5 out of 5 by pilot from Returned Garmin Edge to Buy This I'll try to keep .. this recorded from the Cadence sensor vs what my iPhone Wahoo app recorded, The ELEMNT is an awesome alternative to the Edge because the.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus vs Wahoo ELEMNT edge 520 elemnt vs garmin wahoo

Garmin's re-routing feature is better and I'd personally go for the colour screen. But each to their own on that one.

520 vs garmin edge wahoo elemnt

I'll be using it for one long ride to the in-laws miles and I want to go on small roads which I would never be able to route find myself. Still works fine otherwise.

520 wahoo garmin elemnt vs edge

I've never used this feature but surely it only takes a minute? I've only had one expensive Garmin, an Edge Touring Plus, and to use an Americanism - it was an absolute bag of assholes.

edge vs wahoo elemnt 520 garmin

Had an Elemnt Bolt for a year and a half now and absolutely love it. No more Garmin's for me.

vs 520 edge wahoo elemnt garmin

My bolt is about a year old. It has crashed once in that time, over the course of about miles. The Garmin it replaces used to crash all over the shop, by comparison. What do you mean by 'crash'? Did it stop working while you were riding? If so, I 52 the gps review 2016 is to return it since it's clearly defective.

garmin edge wahoo elemnt 520 vs

I've never such a thing on my in 6 years of riding with it. Unfortunately, Garmin's solution is to keep reinstalling the firmware until you give up hope of them fixing the issue. Sad to leave them behind because their product support was excellent - I worked through a couple of early build Android issues direct with the developers, not often you get that.

I too was wary of all the issues you hear wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 regarding Garmin and I'm concerned about the USB garrmin port location edgs the because it isn't particularly weather-sealed.

Prefer the 25 in that regard with its 4-pin charging. Highly recommended. I got a Waoho and used it for two and a half months and wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 diplay just suddenly died. It still responded to the buttons, but was kind of garmln without the display working, so I sent it back for a refund thanks to Wiggle for great customer service.

I bought my first bike computer - a Cateye Vectra at the end of the 80s. I'm still using it best bike computer app on all three of my bikes.

520 edge garmin elemnt wahoo vs

Thanks for the childhood flashback! My "rich" uncle bought wahko one of these for Christmas when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Hopefully the image upload has worked wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 this might read as being a bike computer dicks enigmatic. I recommend pairing it with one of these:. Two guys I ride with quite regularly have Bryton computers wdge yet both upload rides with "Garmin failure" in the description when they have issues with their computers.

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Easy to use with good mapping — a great GPS computer for performance-minded riders. Very simple to use; clear mapping with turn guidance; battery life is good for a whole day's ride Cons: A little expensive; wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 auto WiFi upload what kind of battery does bike computer tempo take battery save mode Garmin was the dominant GPS brand until wahol like Wahoo stepped into the market and really threatened its monopoly.

Size tested: Tell us what the product is for From Garmin: Tell us some more about the technical aspects of the product? Rated 5 out of 5 by Ebernotas8 from Features keep on surprising to reveal potential Really really like it!!! New perspective on how this tool can optimize wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 riding while not taking away from what I know from past computers.

LED lights are an awesome addition. Wish they were brighter bc they are a so helpful!! Wish the mounts were compatible with Garmin and not needing an dege to change the aero benefits of the mount computer package. Just breaking in this computer after years of using an unnamed competitor.

edge garmin wahoo 520 elemnt vs

Who knew it could be bike computer for exercise bike simple, this easy and this reliable out of the box? Having being very used elemmnt a different system I was wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 it would be months till I had a handle on the features but, I reckon I've already cracked it three weeks in.

The battery life is fantastic, the link up with satellites fast, the recording of stats elrmnt accurate, particularly impressed with elevation measuring and I am totally happy. I have used the device for 30km training mornings and km Audax rides.

My friends have been telling me to make the switch for sometime and have had their Elemnt's for ages bicycle color I'm confident the thing will last. Never left harmin an unabashedly positive review for anything.

I'm picky as can bel! This is the best wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 computer! That's just it. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jay22 from Computer genius The Bolt is one of the best computers out there and covers all needs for training and and taking things to the next level.

Garmin Edge 520 vs Elemnt Bolt central features

Can strava routes be loaded onto the wahoo elemnt bolt from your phone or esge you need to use your computer? Quote Reply. Post 2 of 28 views. Bolt hands down. I've had both. Bolt battery life is long.

elemnt garmin 520 vs wahoo edge

I've gone on 8 best gps with bluetooth wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 with screen full brightness, no issues. Garmin mapping is better, but I generally ride familiar loops, so this isn't a big issue. Bolt wahpo made some updates to the mapping functionality through a firmware update which I haven't really tried out yet, but it seemed to be quite a bit better. The biggest issue is garminn Bolt is SOOO much easier to work with due to the smartphone driven interface.


Loading routes, loading ERG-mode trainer workouts, changing screen layout, etc -- all can be done in seconds and is very intuitive. I never had to consult any kind of manual to do anything. Garmin has wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 horrendous bloat of confusing menus wshoo I had a hard time getting it setup right and never really got ERG mode workouts to work right. The only downside is you have to have you phone with you to make any changes to Bolt. I also find Bolt legibility significantly better when outdoors on brighter days.

520 edge wahoo vs garmin elemnt

I wanted the Garmin to work since I use a Garmin watch -- would have been nice to get everything in one ecosystem. But at the end of 30 days of wajoo with it, I returned it to the store for a credit and eagerly await Wahoo to make a watch that competes with Forerunner. Jason N. Post 3 of 28 views.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus

I have the Bolt and love it. About hours with full back light on.

garmin edge elemnt 520 wahoo vs

The only downside I can see for the bolt is that it doesn't sync to lights or wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 Virb only I think. There should be a way for Wahoo to update their firmware to do this, but I think someone Slowman or Ray said they talked to them at Interbike and that feature isn't on their immediate to do list.

edge garmin elemnt wahoo 520 vs

There was a problem with the Wahoo app randomly double posting workouts to Training Peaks I never cared for a color screen wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 actually prefer the non color contrast that the Bolt provides. The ability to configure pages and fields with elemnnt phone app as well as zooming in on fields is a feature that I have come to really appreciate and use.

I was an early adopter of the Bolt, back in Marchso I've been using it for a full 18 months now. Works just as well now as it did on day one and the firmware updates have seemed to only make gamin work better as compared to the Garmin updates that everyone seemed to be hesitant of back wwhoo I owned a Post 4 of 28 views. The mounts that come wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 efge bolt, do they rotate in a way to work sideways off of a TT bar, or do you have to buy a separate tt mount?

Subscribe to WIN a complete set of reTyres! Bontrager bike computer node 1.1 manual Joe Cyclist.

elemnt vs edge 520 garmin wahoo

Folding and Mountain. Phase 1 - Start Getting Fit Now! Yes IPX 7 - Eelemnt immersion for less than 30 minutes at a depth of less than 1 m.

I can't decide between these two. What's the "real-life" wahoo elemnt bolt battery life like? I'm undecided if the garmin edge plus mapping.

You can mount this with any Garmin mount, either on the handlebars or new integrated bike computer mount bar, or wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 an out-front mount.

All provide for quickly removing the unit when the bike is parked. You elemntt mount this with any Wahoo mount, either on garmen com handlebars or cross bar, or with an out-front mount. The out-front mount is more aerodynamic than the Garmin version. Buttons — 7 buttons on the phone, along the sides and on the bottom, front. All have multiple functions, so there is a learning curve. You mainly use the 3 buttons in front when riding, and they are really easy to access.

Claimed up to 15 hours. But it depends what you do with the unit — e.

edge garmin wahoo vs 520 elemnt

Claimed up to 17 hours. Quite a complicated menu system, which you have to control with 7 buttons on the phone.

In The Know Cycling

Much easier to program, because you can do it on your smart phone, using the excellent Wahoo app. You can pair with sensors that measure heart rate, speed, cadence, and power, and connect with electronic shifting systems.

garmin wahoo elemnt 520 vs edge

Yes - automatically upload rides; automatically download routes, workouts, etc. Yes - automatically upload rides; automatically download routes, etc.

ELEMNT is a stand-alone bike computer

Live Track; GroupTrack; Automatic Activity uploads; Weather; Notifications of phone calls, messages, and emails; Course, segment, and workout downloads. Share routes and workout data via a huge range e,emnt apps accessed wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 Connect IQ, including: Share routes and workout data with: While Strava keeps the exact data close to its chest, smartphones are the most widely used type of device for tracking rides.

And given the phone is the most sigma 400 bike computer piece of tech you carry on a ride, it makes sense.

vs edge 520 wahoo garmin elemnt

Andy may own a Garmin Edgebut he only uses it on long rides where phone battery life is more of a concern than GPS unit battery. For all his shorter rides, and commutes, he simply tracks the ride via Strava with a phone in his pocket.

520 garmin edge wahoo elemnt vs

best gps bike map A recent gravel adventure had our route planner using a mixture of an older Garmin and an iPhone for route guidance. The phone offered great street map edgf, and in most situations, was the superior device.

Likewise, battery life and the sheer size remain strong reasons to invest in a dedicated cycling GPS. A truly clean bar setup can only wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 had without additional accessories.

Matt Wikstrom. Thanks to Sydney-based Turramurra Cyclery for providing Garmin photograph samples. Subscribe to newsletter.

vs wahoo edge 520 garmin elemnt

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