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Overview Treadmill, Indoor Cycling, Swimming or Elliptical Training Fix route after In the green menu bar select 'New Workout' and choose 'Select route for new If you can't get a GPS fix on the iPhone, the following has been know to work.

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I tried shutting it off and back on, with no luck. Very frustrating. As topic starter, I can tell that I have better results now.

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I still have bikee Nexus 5x phone, but I updated my Versa and and app. Hi all - just been through this too - no map but workout data displaying. Hope this helps someone out there.

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Here's what I don't get: However, for some reason, it is only showing about half the routes I bike. It just started doing this, and it has me scratching my head.

Strava iPhone App vs GPS Bike Computer (Elemnt BOLT)

How can it be connected, show the absolute correct distance for the entire route this is confirmed by my fellow riderand yet only show a portion of the route traveled?

Return the clearly defective product to Fitbit.

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Look for better competing products. I personally went with Garmin vivoactive 3 model.

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It is a thorough shame, honestly! I've been with Fitbit for over 2 years! I have a lot of data here.

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The Fitbit app is more user friendly than the Garmin for sure, but usint also means it is far too simplistic and not detailed enough. But no.

Fitbit Versa connected GPS issues - Fitbit Community

I honestly feel that the Garmin is a closer spiritual gps cycling walking of Pebble than Fitbit. I feel they nailed it with this watch's design. I returned my Vivoactive 3 when the versa came out. Had the Garmin for 4 weeks and I thought i'd be getting a better product with using iphone as a bike gps Gpps. I can say I never had a problem mapping my runs with my previous watch.

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I have the updated firmware and app for the Versa and the connection is still hit or miss. Missing my Garmin.

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I traded my Vivoactive 3 for the new versa. Firmware updated. Still connection issues.

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I miss my Garmin Product Help Forums: They need to using iphone as a bike gps able to run all day without being charged, be small and light, work in the rain and be user-friendly if you're wearing gloves.

The other benefit to using bell computer bike console is that you can use exactly the same mapping on ridewithgps to plot your routes, which will make your GPS very happy.

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A word of warning about paying for Garmin maps: So which GPS should you buy? What you should buy depends a lot on your budget.

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It combines complex training aids, social media integration and navigation. At the other end of the scale is the Garmin Edge Touring, which is the one I recommend to touring cyclists.

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However if all you want to do is track your distance and time without plotting or following routes then they do the job. Just download the Tail it APP and take a picture of the unit.

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More information about the GPS tracker for bike: Best cadence Tracker for bike Splashproof: Submersion is deprecated. Real time tracking You can always get location inside the application, just buy the click of a button.

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Yes — Wifi Place: Yes — Charging method: USB-C cable. Submit a Support Ticket.

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Ready to Upgrade? Why go Premium Why go Basic. If available, Trails uses the sensors on your device to measure your step count and the air pressure.

You can connect with external Bluetooth devices to capture tps heart rate, your bike's speed, and cycling cadence.

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Trails provides offline topographic maps called Trails Vector Maps as part of Trails Pro available as in-app purchase. These maps are based on data from OpenStreetMap.

Street, hybrid, and satellite map styles from Apple Maps are available, which require an active data connection.

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Trails displays detailed statistics including altitude, speed, distance, duration, and heart rate using zoomable and scrollable graphs. You can view recordings nike a time- or distance-based scale and compare two statistics at a time to get an in-depth view of your track.

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Heat maps display statistics as colored map overlays, with detailed information for each point along your track.

News:For riders without integrated Boom!™ Box Navigation, stay on course with real-time GPS navigation. Choose a destination or choose from rides you planned on.

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