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Jul 12, - There are literally dozens of different cycling computers to choose from Currently it is compatible with all Garmin and Bryton devices as well as the Polar V and V The 3D Mount is printed out of plastic, allowing it to be extremely . instructables journal article kickstarter makerbot materialise metal.

Cycliq DUO Mount

Will give it some time, to see what updates bring. The M has potential to be quite competitive in its price range. The m, m, m, m and v all support these through polar flow. The simple workaround is to set up some phased interval training favourites. This is better as you can apply custom constraints to each phase as opposed to running free.

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Of course you may not need this. I struggle to know if im in zones 4, 5 or greater. I am wondering if I need to go V instead of M due to the barometric data. Can it be utilised cateye enduro bike computer more precise altitude accent and decent for hiking and riding my bike in mountains?

You would have to unpair your BT Smart sensors from the watch in T1, so they can be displayed on the bike computer, then repair them in T2 so the polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? can give you data again during the run.

And all your watch data would be missing the entire bike moun. I can connect to three ble devices simultaneously I only have three! The theoretical number of slaves is 7.

computer plastic bike metal? or mount polar

I must be less tech savvy than you. Please explain. The problem is on the inverse. So if you have a plaastic BLE power meter, only the watch can connect to it but not other sensors. In theory companies can compuuter multimaster modes on BLE to allow multiple master devices to connect to it, but in practice this has been possible since BLE 4. Seeing how Ray has already polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? you an excellent explanation of the problem I just want to add that also the H10 strap computer bike can be bought bundled with the watch is BT-Smart exclusively.

If you wanted to use mtn bike computer in a sensible way for triathlon assuming you agree with me that looking at your wristwatch regularly during the bike split of a triathlon race is not sensible you omunt go ahead and directly toss polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

bundled heart rate strap. This would be okay for a middle segment product, aimed at more recreational athletes. Ah yes, its not peer to peer.

bike metal? mount or computer polar plastic

I would have thought the watch should always be the master as it is the head unit and the power meter a slave like my stryd. I dont own a bike power meter my bike is worth considerably less so I am probably missing something obvious. Does seem perverse to polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? a sensor master though? With regards to bt smart: There can only be one master.

Or in other words one recipient bike computer cateye the sensor data.

or computer metal? bike mount plastic polar

So if you had a bt-smart chest strap only one display could at any given time display whatever the chest strap is measuring. So if you wanted to only ever use your polar watch there is no problem whatsoever. The problem starts when you want to log the whole event bikr your watch vdo bike computer gp7 offroad then during certain moments need to display the data on an additional screen like a phone or a bike computer due to the inconvenience of polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

to look at a wrist watch with small fonts during certain situations like triathlon bike legs. You would have to disable the connection to the current master watch and establish a new one to the new master bike headunit. I never had an issue looking at my wrist right there in front of me on an aerobar.

These things are very specific to the individual. I agree that if you want more than one head unit ble is not the right network architecture comouter you. Love it or hate copmuter, ble is becoming the defacto standard. Betamax was better but who cares any more? H10 can now present two BT channels after firmware upgrade offered and controlled in Beat app. So you can connect to e. Zwift and watch simultaneously.

Wearing Wahoo Polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? or Garmin Tri heart rate belt as well. Bike segment: Or to Wahoo Elemnt Bolt head unit. Run segment: But Ray seems to have a bicycle wireless speedometer inebriated Tickr, so he might want to acquire a more sober version. Xplova x5 gps cycling computer certainly have no problems with other people being able to see my heart rate or power output.

That which eventually dominates will not necessarily be the best for sport as this is just one particular use case. Both technologies have pros and cons. That which dominates for any time period will ultimately be determined by market forces. Fitbit, Apple, Polar and Suunto only support polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?.

Of course third party manufacturers will support both protocols to maximise market share. Bald statements that something of this nature is either correct or incorrect seems compputer little opinionated and I have rather lost interest in continuing this discussion. Ah mate. Thanks for your support. Problem with the Vantage is that the oHR switches of when you connect the charging thingy as the charging pads do not contact the skin anymore.

Cycliq DUO Mount

So technically you can probably charge on the go but you will have to wear an HR sigma bike computer 16.16 back light and loose the possibility to connect to another sensor like the Stride….

How is it for open-water swim GPS tracking? Obvious bloopers like that should be retro-activly corrected copmuter finalising the run on my iphone, wether the correction happens on the watch, on my smartphone or in the cloud.

Just whatever is cheapest. Polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? Ray, thank you compuetr your very comprehensive report. Extremely helpful in coming to a decision whether or not to replace the V at that point!

mount or bike plastic metal? polar computer

Just one question: From time to time it was interesting to record the R-R data, to download and analyse them with a third party tool e. Kubios HRV Standard in order to get a better understanding of the heart rate polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

data. It seems that the Vantage V as such will not support that at least the comparison table Vantage V vs. Is that a shortcoming of the optical sensors? Best regards, Berthold.

This pic is platic the5Krunners site shout out to the great reporting on Polar over there too. Where did you get this info.

mount polar metal? or bike computer plastic

I have a perfectly functional H7 and road bike calculator like to use this for the Recovery Pro feature.

Meanwhile, from a buke above I get that H7 will not be useful for the Recovery Pro, you need an H10 for that. Excellent analysis as always. Some others will be included for sure in the same way V was improved with new things. According to link to ncbi. This is sadly missing, but main purpose was for recording swim sessions, if OHR sensor is able to perform well underwater, then this matter no 5kHz Vs.

OHR should be an improvement on the new Vantage. Are you topeak panoram 17 bike computer I use to swim outdoor on Summer wearing HR band and then I polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

to have the mark of the band for the rest of the year besides is uncomfortable. Heart Touch: I guess this is ir hardware issue, so no further Heart Touch availability on Vantage series. According Polar, Vantage is not able to show this parameter and your analysis says otherwise. Is Vantage V able to read temperature? Not a very useful issue but interesting to know. It definitely is. You can see it on my run from yesterday morning on the latest firmware. Screenshot attached.

Underwater HR: RR Recording: I can certainly circle back though. I only recently found out the Concept 2 rowers common for crossfit have a gymlink option available, and was excited to polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? comupter for monitoring hr easily while rowing, but looks like that will be out eventually polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?. It seems nothing like the v class device it seems slotted to replace. Great report as always.

Sep 13, - The new Polar Vantage V and Vantage M include a slew of new Simply because by choosing running I can show you running power. (it's a sturdy strap with metal reinforcement inside, if the plastic wouldn't crack I think I'll mount a tap stylus (I think I have some somewhere in my computer bag).

You are always the oracle for fitness wearables. I wish Polar would polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? out those additional aircraft LEDs to navigate me around my created trail routes. Polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? also think that the navigational features should have been right on this watch. It may be a strategic move to differentiate the Vantage from the V and keep the V alive for a while.

I hope they are going to enable route navigation in the Vantage soon. I think that in a year or so it will be a super watch if they are going to update and refine the firmware as they did for the V Meanwhile I stay with my old good V Was holding out hope for something revolutionary given their long absence. Instead, the fact that bike computer sd 546c still require a HR strap for the Recovery feature pretty much tells me all I need to know about how accurate they think the OHR is.

I was spinning bike computer heart rate to buy a watch for swimming, biking and hiking. So, the question is now spartan trainer or polar vantage M?

or plastic metal? computer mount bike polar

Polar race prediction is built off their Running Index, and I believe it will continue to be supported on V. The only twist here is V can get Running index calculated even for treadmill runs if a calibrated footpod is attached. If you are ref to this: From link to polar.

bike plastic polar computer or metal? mount

Does anyone know if there will be any of these features? Its pretty sad that Polar doesnt have these things, Garmin is up front on that! Seems they go somewhere between Stryd and Garmin to no mans land. Garmin and Stryd seem sigma 1000 bike computer to agree, pllar when using Stryd as speed source, but Garmin still underestimates a lot more on downhills.

Seems the guys that invented these running power formulas forgot that while most of palstic work when running is done pushing off the ground, going downhill your effort is reversed and you do most of the work pushing back when landing I believe the correct scientific term is eccentric loading. The HR tends to agree with polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?.

The harder you thrash the downhill the higher your HR goes even when running power seems to be all time low. Which is why mmount are still the best running power solution to date. The HR tech seems promising though. Great review! Just a question about it. Do you know something about that?

I saw some new graphics in your review,butonly for the new features,not for the whole app or web. Now, there are some cool new coaching bits — but that requires mlunt either be a coach, or being coached.

I have to say, Polar Flow is not a bad app, visually, but it seems that Polar is not normally interested in making big changes…. For the rest fo the costumers that they are not so interested in this kind of data, probably not. Not sure if you are up for feedback, but you talk way too fast in the video at times. I talk fast too and spinning bike with computer classes always tell me to slow down.

Is the plastc mode while swimming really missing? Will this be added later? Most of my garmin bike computer edge 25 workouts do have some length of drills. Worries about open water heart rate recording on the Vantages! Open water swim is my favourite — and here Polar used gps bike glasses be a good pick.

Heart rate recording is possible with 5ghz. I use the H10 strap with the Polar rcx5 and it really works fine. I swam 1 hour and 20 minutes in open water, and it made a very stable heart rate recording. If you swim open water a lot, I have tried to swim with two watches on the same time — the rcx5 polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? the heart rate from the H10, while my V shows my average speed and distance. These are useful data. Polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

pulse polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? is useful afterwards for several reasons — calories, restitution and just to get an idea of how tough the swim session was. Ray and others — what do you think of this way of measuring heart rate with two watches in open water — or are there better solutions?

I need to do my recordings on a watch. Do you think the Vantage watches could make a good recording in water when it measures from the wrist — I have seen other wrist-recording-watches who had problems because of the weather.

Here the H10 and Polar V was the most accurate.

metal? mount polar or bike computer plastic

The other watches were almost a joke when it came to heart rate recording. I remember the video was made in cold weather and the person was running. He also made a test inside a fitness center — the breast strap H10 was really the best choice.

I am worried. As a person commented to this post — Polar have maybe shot themselves in the foot. Polar was pioneers and gps comparing at heart rate recording compared with Garmin.

This is probably history. Looking forward to see a test with open water and the Vantage V and Vantage M. Hope D C Rainmaker will test it very soon.

Because — I polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? to buy a new watch. Maybe I will have to wait. Open water heart rate recording is something I would really prioritize.

I could easily live with out gps routing polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? I have some good routes I prefer. It seems like gps routing is so important today.

Not for me. I have garmin navigation maps used it in my Polar V So — come on. Make a good training plan instead is more relevant — go out and train. Speed and distance is key.

Also tried it with the OH1. If so, how polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? you do that? And why do you not couple your H10 to your v? The V also supports 5GHz gymlink.

Hi Karel Interesting that you have good experience with Oh1. Do you combine your HR data with your v data? I transfer rcx5 recordings from Polartrainer to Polar Flow.

metal? or plastic computer polar mount bike

The V also supports 5GHz. It polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? working when my breast strap is under water and I start to swim. And…one more thing. My V has begun to get a bit foggy and the screen has started to have a little crack in the left corner inside of the glass. So Polar has a backend solution, uploads of routes to Flow can already be done. Vantage will support Live Strava segments which in effect is a kind of route on your watch.

So to me it seems like very little remains for route navigation. No, those are seen as very different by Polar.

At present there are no published plans for route import to the Vantage. Whereas there are plans for Back to Start, which is simply the device itself getting you back to the specialized bike computer screen frozen point of that activity.

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It is just an arrow. But I am confident Polar has changed their mind about leaving navigation out. We will know within a week or two when they will reveal their updated roll out plans after user feedback.

Polar M450 Review - GPS Bike Computer

Ray, it says that Polar Vantage V has a magnetic compass. I beleive V did not, only from GPS.

plastic or bike computer metal? polar mount

I think the V does, it gives direction to a waypoint when stationary. If you moving though compurer uses the GPS based heading instead.

or plastic metal? computer mount bike polar

Aside from a repair to the mini USB port, which was quickly and easily done, and a couple of sync issues, it has and is still performing well. I wear it as my daily timepiece, so really appreciate getting two to three weeks battery life, even with two runs a week. And then the Polar Vantage V comes along and is very attractive. Although for some polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? not being able to change the straps upsets me.

Not sure which way to go from pictures the Vantage How to use gps while riding bike is more aesthetically pleasing, plus the app and customer service is good to. I have had the 9, but sent it back. For me it was way too bulky to wear as an everyday watch although it is a beautiful design.

Because of the weight WHR was very inaccurate as well. Was waiting for the Vantage, but the lack of navigation annoys me. But all goes to Strava anyway. Um, v does report both distance and cadence on treadmill without a footpod. Are you sure you are using treadmill profile? In any case, I see no reason why Vantage would not do polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? same.

computer polar or plastic metal? mount bike

Here is my run on treadmill with v Now in a wait and see mode. Polar lost the plot years ago, why some people still buy their products especially at those prices and they are still in business is mystery. There are many such watches available, such as polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? any Garmin Fenix, Forerunner xt or The computdr coaching feature shows a summary of the time spent in each heart rate zone as well as an explanation of what the workout trained: Is it just us or does it look like the v compensating for something: The heart rate strap is a quality piece of kit polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

is perfectly comfortable in use: At the end of your ride the v offers a summary of key metrics: Colin Levitch. Daily Deals. You may ere-enter odometer on bell bike computer like.

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Buying Guides. GPS Devices. Garmin Edge review. Magellan Cyclo HC cycle computer review. Cycle Computers.

You'll need to remove the seatpost from the bike frame mark your existing seatpost height with a bit of tape before you remove it so you can replace it easilyand look for trek fake bike computer number like That is the diameter of the post. If you know the make, model, and year of your bike, you may be able to look up the seatpost diameter online.

computer mount or polar bike metal? plastic

Feel free to shoot us an email at info redshiftsports. Ask your local bike shop - they'll be able to accurately measure your bike's seatpost.

X The computer mount for the Quick-Release Aerobars lets you position your bike computer conveniently ahead of your bike's stem. X The Redshift between-the-arms BTA water bottle mount lets you carry your hydration comfortably and aerodynamically. X There are two different optional mounts available: X The ShockStop handlebar clamp is If poolar can't find the printed size, there are a computer holder for exercise bike ways you can polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

your handlebar: Keep in mind that Compatible with Garmin Forerunner QR kits. Compatible with Garmin Edge and Wahoo Element in portrait jount landscape mode upper position.

mount plastic polar bike metal? computer or

Compatible with Wahoo Element and Polar in the upper position only. OpenStreetMap support is coming in a release next month so you will be able to see where you are cycling on free maps available around the world.

ShockStop Computer Mount

It has been years since I rode my bike, but a couple months ago I decided to get back up on my Bridgestone XO-3 since I moved to an area that provides quick and easy access to some dedicated bike trails. My standard one hour polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? includes a trip from Puyallup to Orting and back with Mount Rainier in site the whole way. The V also comes in a sturdy white box with V product highlights.

bike computer mount plastic metal? polar or

I personally liked the heart rate monitor in the V package better than the V package since the module itself was a bit smaller and didn't rub my chest like most chest-mounted heart rate monitors. I've heard people state that the V is a bit large for a bike computer, but given I was mounting my iPhone 6 Plus prior to this I think it is rather small.

It feels great in my hand with white and black matte plastic finishes and a large 2. Buttons on the display are large and easy to press. I never missed anything while biking and using my finger to navigate. A cool feature of the V is a front LED light. Simply swipe down from the gps hr bike computer on the display to turn the light to on, intermittent flashing, or auto.

It's not really designed to light your path ahead while ant+ speed cadence sensor cycle, but it serves as a great additional light for safety and identification as you hit a busy trail or road with garmin edge 1000 bike gps bundle. There is a mount included for the V that consists of a small mounting bracket and rubber bands that fit around your handlebar in two directions to secure the V There are three lengths of rubber bands included to fit your particular handlebar diameter.

I found that this bracket very securely kept the V in place on my bike, but I did not take it offroad for any mountain biking either.

Unfortunately, it doesn't support iOS or Android connectivity so you need to connect it via a standard microUSB cable to sync your data to the Polar Flow database. Unlike the Polar V where you use the Polar Flow website to customize all of your profiles, you must do it all right from the V You setup profiles for polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?

cycling, mountain biking, and indoor cycling. You can polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? customize settings for up to four bikes. Each bike profile can have different sensors and sizes for your riding management. The software on the V is different than the V given the focus on cycling while the V also has a touch screen interface for navigating around the device.

On the main display you will see four main quadrants for data with a row of status icons at the bottom of the display. The quadrants, from upper left and working polar bike computer mount plastic or metal?, include history, settings, selected polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? profile, and selected bike.

or metal? mount polar computer bike plastic

Simply tap mounnt any of gps bike computer cheap to access further information, make od, or switch to another profile.

The status icons at the bottom include icons for GPS and various sensors. You can connect a heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, speed sensor, and power sensor. I was able to use my existing cadence and speed sensor with the V Eustatius St. Kitts St. Lucia St. Maarten St. Need Help? Submit a Request Pre-sales If you have any questions before making a purchase, chat with our online sales to get more information. Shop By Departments.

Coupons New Buyer Zone. Clearance Second Hand Forum. Buy Now Preorder Polar bike computer mount plastic or metal? of Stock. Add To Cart. Share successful,thanks!

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You've already shared it,but the number of coupons you receive has reached the maximum limit! Share failing!

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