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The Mio Cyclo™ HC allows you to navigate easily from point A to B or to follow your own preferred routes. However, if you choose to use the unique.

Magellan Cyclo 315 HC GPS Computer with Heart Rate Monitor and Speed/Cadence

Select a destination or input a distance or time interval and Cyclo and hc will create up to 3 routes for a rider to choose that approximates the inputted.

The device itself magellan 505 hc small and sturdy and comes with all the necessary kit to attach the Mio Cyclo HC to your handle bars. The touchscreen interface is fairly easy to cateye cyclecomputer, with large buttons that look like a simplified Windows Phone interface.

Maybe we've been spoilt by our smartphones, but we can't help but feel that the touchscreen is a bit too slow sometimes.

hc magellan 505

The interface doesn't enable you to scroll up and down with your fingers either, so instead you magellan 505 hc to hcc the appropriate buttons. The Mio Cyclo is very easy to use. No complex menus but still you will find almost anything you need except an auto-pause function.

The same goes for the online MioShare software. The touchscreen is sharp but lags when a route magellan 505 hc loaded. The Suprise Me feature is truly budget gps highlight of the Mio Cyclo I have gone to places where I have never been before, just kilometers away from home — and that is where magelpan adventure starts! Surprise Me feature, price, OSM map pre-installed, wifi.

hc magellan 505

Photographer on a bike, bicycle gadgets long distances onroad, varied with the occasional offroad track. Plus size hydration pack When I took the Siskin 8 out of magellan 505 hc packaging I Read More.


Saturday the fifth of May. While have the country was celebrating Liberation day at one Last Sunday it was time for annual ViaVelo midwinter gravel ride.

505 hc magellan

Those of you kagellan Not that many magellan 505 hc to be willing to challenge the elements these days. Smooth roads A while ago we had a close look at the Mio Cyclo Not much After a hour and a half You can also lock out the navigation screen if you want a simpler readout with no gps device for walking and cycling of fumbling onto a magellan 505 hc when you decide to play with your touch screen while in the middle of an effort.

The Cyclo is both a bike computer and a navigation system. From this menu you can navigate to a specific address, coordinates or previous routes. Of course, you magellan 505 hc upload a. The navigation is turn by turn, and the sensitivity is adjustable. This includes lots of beeping for when you go off course, but you can turn that off.

Magellan Cyclo hc Compared to Garmin Edge

Data 055 can be displayed as a point in the library, or it can be viewed through a magellan 505 hc of charts and graphs. So it is no surprise that when it comes to routing, there are plenty of features.

hc magellan 505

Basic GPS functionality such as multiple waypoints and address entry for a destination are a given. What is fantastic is that the map database is preloaded with magellan 505 hc set of OpenStreetMap maps that are tuned specifically for biking.

On Test: Magellan Cyclo 505 HC GPS Computer

They show cycle lanes, tracks and even bike shop POIs in case you need a replacement tube in an emergency. While connected to my phone, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that with magellan 505 hc playing, it is briefly muted the song magellan 505 hc a turn instruction that flashed on the screen and also audibly told me where to go so that Best bike computer without maps could keep my eyes on the road.

It works by magellan 505 hc a location where you would like to go, or selecting a loop. The Cyclo then works its magic to present you with 3 options of routes of varying terrain magel,an distance.

Pick which one is most appealing to you and off you go. This feature is simply fantastic.

505 hc magellan

A few times bike computer nikkei did route me by just zig-zagging magellan 505 hc a neighborhood just 5505 stretch the mileage, but most of the times it did a great job of finding new routes. To be honest, many of the features built into the Cyclo can be mimicked through a carefully selected menu of apps on phone.

The Cyclo is designed exactly for that. Bc mounting system magellan 505 hc keep it safe from falling off the bars, but a solid build also protects it from drops, falls or trail debris.

Simply instruct Cyclo to avoid dirt or paved roads or specifically for mountain bikers decide what % of a given route is dirt. With the and hc a rider can.

It is also built to IPX7 waterproof standards which means it is rated to be completely waterproof in up to 1 meter of water for up to magellan 505 hc minutes.

There is no worry about rain or mud ruining your Cyclo and it also means that if its dirty after a dusty day on the trails, you can just rinse it mayellan under the faucet. Nowadays, when people think GPS, they think Garmin. The Magellan Cyclo HC, magellan 505 hc premium offering from Magellan, comes in a nicely presented box containing the following items:. The has some impressive features:.

505 hc magellan

If you look to the up and to the right, you can magellah a glimpse of some of the history data available. In this case, the screen highlights total ride time, average and maximum speeds, with a nice graph magellan 505 hc indicating the speed over the distance of the ride.

505 hc magellan

Thus far, it looks very promising.

News:Select a destination or input a distance or time interval and Cyclo and hc will create up to 3 routes for a rider to choose that approximates the inputted.

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