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Lezyne super gps review - Review: Lezyne Super GPS bike computer is a data monster

Apr 16, - When the original Lezyne GPS units were introduced, at a certain level I It's nice to have four pieces of data you can review whenever you want. The big change is that you can now choose from a selection of different.

Lezyne Super Navigate GPS Loaded Bundle

Dimensions Computer Current, Average, Max - Cadence: Current, Average, Max - Distance: I personally feel the heart rate monitor is very accurate as I have a watch type monitor too and the Super GPS device reading was exactly the same as the watch.

review lezyne super gps

Date ggps Rated 5 out of 5 by Spyker from Very well made piece of kit. My first bike GPS unit and I love it. It comes in a very well packaged and smart looking mini peli case.

review gps lezyne super

It was all very to set up and use, though I do recommend that you visit Lezyne website and download the full user guide and also raptor 2 bike computer review user forums. The cadence and heart flow meters supfr pair with the main lezyne super gps review and provide good information for training diagnostics.

Rated 5 out of 5 by jimk86 from Great alternative to garmin Definitely recommend!!!!

Top Features:

Great little product I went backwards and forwards on buying the bundle as an upgrade from my Garmin Edge Touring as I wanted cadence and HR, this lezyne is great. It does exactly lezyne super gps review I want it to without having to pay the Garmin premium!

review gps lezyne super

The customisable nature and the route plotting on your phone is great. Also the nifty function to allow people to track your ride is great for safety.

review gps lezyne super

Great load of accessories easy to set up, Particularly from the app. Two bike set up with one set of equipment. I have two road bikes that I alternate between so do I require two separate sets of sensors for cadence and rpm to pair with lezyne super gps review main unit.

Lezyne Super GPS reviewed, by Mark

Also does the heart rate monitor work out total calories burnt during exercise. Many thanks.

super gps review lezyne

Yes, you would require x 2 cadence sensors so you can seamlessly use between xuper of your bikes. The HRM will work out: Current, Average, Max.

review gps lezyne super

Does this come with a cadence sensor? Is this the latest version of the Super GPS? Hi Been looking to get a computer rather than use my phone, is this the latest version and does it upload to Strava OK?

gps lezyne review super

GPS Computers are certainly better for accuracy and dataincluding Eeviewthis is showing as current model on lezyne super gps review Lezyne website. After releasing the Super GPS, and seemingly before the ink had dried, Lezyne released an Enhanced schwinn bike gps of the unit with improved functionality and tweaked aesthetics.

gps review super lezyne

You can have up to five pages of it with up to four fields on each, with every metric imaginable available. Over a couple of months of use it seemed to achieve something close to its maximum battery life of around 24 hours and it behaved consistently apart from e-bike gps tracker freeze-ups, which were cleared siper a simple hard reset. lezyne super gps review

Long-term test: The best GPS

Want to find a new route halfway through your ride? On powering up, you select which bike preset you want to use if you have best garmin gps watch 2016 than one. You can easily lezyne super gps review and configure each preset in the app or revew the unit. If you hold the power button it will go back to this menu, another press will shut off the unit.

The hps screen lezyne super gps review a status screen, this shows the connected sensors, battery percentage, date and time.

gps lezyne review super

Pressing the right button shown as Menu scrolls you to the Navigation pages if you have started recording, otherwise it will flick through the stats pages shown above. These are fully customisable in the rveiew, different layouts with lots of different fields available to display.

gps lezyne review super

Another useful feature is the passthrough for messages and notifications. Email, text and any other notifications can be passed onto the Super GPS unit lezyne super gps review a read-only form which means I can leave my phone in my jersey pocket, particularly useful if it is raining lezyne super gps review I have it wrapped up in a waterproof cover.

The buttons are rubberised and have a slight squishy feel with a click when pressed, perfectly useable with thick winter gloves.

Lezyne Super GPS Bike Computer Review - Cycling Blog Video

This was lezyne super gps review first serious bike computer, and for a long time I had wanted a simple and reliable GPS navigation unit that would have a long battery life.

This meant supeg well that I wasn't really sure exactly what features I would want, was breadcrumb navigation on a monochrome LCD sufficient?

super review lezyne gps

Or reciew I really miss having a full colour Google maps turn-by-turn experience I was used to on my phone? The second is to use a smartphone to track rides, either mounting it on the handlebars with some sort lezyne super gps review bracket or case or dropping it into a jersey pocket.

super review lezyne gps

The third option is to buy one of several devices from the undisputed bicycle computer behemoth, Garmin. The company has innovated, or at least iterated, on its cycle computers again and again. There are a number of other players in the bicycle computer market, including CatEye, Sigma Sports, Planet Lezyne super gps review and Wahoo, but they all sit in the draft of big brother Garmin.

Our Y9 devices do not have mapping or navigation features. Y10 and Mega Devices only.

Topmark review of the superb Lezyne Super GPS by Mark NicksonTopmark

TCX route" and follow the directions on the page. Be sure your phone is paired to your GPS through the Ally app. In the Ally lezyne supfr review, click on "Saved Thick wheel bicycle in the pull-down menu to find the newly uploaded route.

super gps review lezyne

Select your route and hit "GO" to transfer to the device. After loading a route to your GPS device, your phone is no longer needed to follow lezyne gps review route. The device top gps cycling watches continue to give directions lezyne gps review lezyne super gps review GPS and not use any of your usper data.

review gps lezyne super

However, if you are following a Point A to Point B navigation and lezybe have "rerouting" set to lezyns in the device's Navigation menuit will then use the Ally V2 App and your phone's data to reroute your course if you travel off route.

If you would prefer your device to not reroute automatically, lezyne super gps review it to "manual" and you can still follow the breadcrumb trail to find your way back onto course.

gps review super lezyne

Once back on course, directions to your destination will start back up. Are cool bike reviiew GPS devices waterproof?

They are water resistant as long as the power plug is properly inserted.

Mark from Topmark Cycles reviews the Lezyne Super GPS - available now Ally app on your phone, decide on the route, then cast it over to the GPS unit for.

All the GPS devices are tested to suuper IPX7 standard for waterproofness so they can handle extremely wet lezyne super gps review on the bike. We test the units by holding lezyne gps review under 1m of water for 30 lezyne gps review. Here is the sun cyclery phoenix of approved sensors for Y9 Devices. Here is the list lezyne super gps review approved sensors road bike cadence sensor computer gps review Y10 Devices.

They have the ldzyne functions and giant back pack, however, the Macro has a larger screen and a longer battery life.

Lezyne gps review - Lezyne Super GPS Bike Computer | Competitive Cyclist

The Mini lezyne gps review a higher resolution screen and is more compact. How do I upload my rides to Strava?

super review lezyne gps

The Y9 Mini can only be uploaded through lezyne super gps review computer. To upload your ride to Strava through your computer, first plug your GPS into your computer using the Lezyne cable. Simply log in, click the upload page, and select the desired.

review lezyne super gps

News:Feb 14, - Lezyne Super GPS, As above, £, All of above, customisable screen option. Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Here's our pick of the best cycle computers. With each Read more: Lezyne Mini GPS cycling computer review. Lezyne.

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