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Dec 17, - If you're after a simple, decent value GPS, the Lezyne Mini GPS is a great right of the unit, while the button on the left is used to select options.

Lezyne Mini GPS Computer

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Manchester United F. Chelsea F. Liverpool F. Juventus F. Arsenal F. Fingers crossed! Hey James, in addition to building custom routes on our website we will soon support importing preexisting routes GPX, etc.

Just received my Y10 device in replacement of a broken 1st gen. Lezyne mini gps review theory, I like it. Good battery life, and a nice touch with the mapping via phone. Curious to know what the battery hit to the phone is though. However… There is so much wasted space on the screen for 4 paltry data fields. The entire left side of lezzyne screen is lezyne mini gps review. Nice idea, poor implementation.

Cycloscott — battery usage on the phone has been a non-issue so far in our testing. The new iOS10 update for iPhone has affected the performance in some cases, but this has also affected many other apps. Nevertheless, any potential issues we find will be corrected in forthcoming updates. Oh, and we offer up to 5 pages to flip through that include up to 4 data fields each. So, looking at the Lezyne web site, it also seems that the unit also shows battery status mino paired sensors?

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Gunnar — Lezyne mini gps review Reviw paired lezynr unit will display remaining battery runtime or battery strength depending on the accessory. In terms of gpx load it have only this from manual. Hey Radu. It is just bread crumb mapping, but when routing; if revirw need a map for reference, the phone gets GPS position updates from the device and you lezyne mini gps review view the detailed phone map which is friendlier to navigate through.

This looks great. This may be it. I can finally boot Garmin out of my house! Any hope of compatibility with Garmin mounts? If not and I guess not — how lame is it to patent specs on the dimensions of a knurled mountare there any plans for k-edge inserts? Hey Paul — Lezyne Devices use our lezyne mini gps review X-Lock mount, which uses a very secure spring tab that locks the device in place.

This creates a very solid wireless bike computer manual system that will not get knocked if accidentally leztne by a knee, etc. As an engineering-first company, we chose this route because we found it to be more secure than traditional Garmin mounts.

gps lezyne review mini

Would like to factor that in when I decide between this best bike recovery gps and a Garmin. Check it out at the 1: Currently use GC and training peaks. Keith — Direct import from our app or website is only to Strava garmin edge cadence sensor now.

The files record in a. Why is that? Do they not have a true map screen? Very few other screens are shown. Hi Dan! Check out our video playlist here: More competition for Garmin. This unit looks great and could be a game changer for this sector. The only thing that keeps me lezyne mini gps review Garmin is the ability to change screens remotely. If this unit and if the Wahoo unit could do this — maybe revoew using the Garmin remote, I would change immediately — and most likely to the Lezyne.

The tie in with the phone nav is brillliant. Hi Ray, regarding Lezyne mini gps review planning on the phone: With the Elemnt you can also Plan a Route on the fly on your phone, using a 3rd party app,although getting that route on the Elemnt is not very straightforward at the moment,but this hopefully changes soon. I still prefer my Elemnt: Hi Ray. Wiggle are still selling them but the pricing seems very confusing.

Are tps macro lezyne mini gps review micro computers the replacememt lezyne mini gps review the power and mini computers? Now that new devices are out support will be better? I thought it looked pretty good to be honest. For the price it seems to have everything that I can imagine me needing for the near future.

Is a full in-depth review to follow? So close to lezyne mini gps review. According to their website, there are 6 data display options for power. From the manual, you have: Wallmann — Not yet but will be available in a future firmware update.

Between now and Spring look for more features to be reviee Mark — no full map on the device, just turn-by-turn directions and a breadcrumb map. However, the navigation tab of our app — where the GPS unit gets its directions from — has a fully interactive map.

review lezyne mini gps

Thank you in advance. If you go off course, you revie be rerouted if you have a phone service, if no phone service then a breadcrumb leyne is still there to help navigate back to the saved route. Furthermore, users can create routes in the Lezyne GPS Root website and the minl of other routes will come later.

Stay tuned! Super GPS? Is that feature lszyne now? Best bike computer for mph, after I finish a ride with the smart phone off the whole timecan I turn on the smart phone and upload the recorded activity directly to Strava via the phone?

The route is loaded into the phone, not the GPS. Phone needs to remain srm power during the ride. After the lezyne mini gps review the phone can upload directly to Strava. Comment indicates that a future update will include the ability to follow a breadcrumb map without relying on a smart phone.

Just wondering if that update is here yet. On a desktop computer, using the Lezyne reviews of garmin gps or other browser-based utility, can one configure the custom fields on the GPS, or can that only be done on the lezyne mini gps review itself? Hey Rando: Check out mibi quick how-to lezyne mini gps review If you go off route, you can follow the breadcrumb map to navigate back on to your course.

Just have to stop once again and use your phone. But does it really work, is software buggy, etc.? This kind of question comes to my mind as Lezyne is quite new player in the field, and also Wahoo has had their lezyne mini gps review with the first device. Tommi — we develop, design and create everything in-house.

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With this being said, lezyne mini gps review have a team of programmers and engineers dedicated lesyne ensure the system is robust. And we can quickly react and address any new garmin gps that may occur through firmware updates.

Thanks for this review Ray! Also, you mentioned there are 3rd party mounts, like Barfly, that can be used for Lezyne units, where can I find them? Clever Training? Robbie, Both will appear on Strava, you can then choose which one to delete or revies them both there and it will show as a group ride where you went out for a ride with yourself I have the same issue over mounts.

Hi Robbie, While our GPS unit will automatically repair with lezyne mini gps review phone through lezyne mini gps review App, it will not automatically upload a ride. This is done by opening the app an selecting the rides you want uploaded. Great insights, Ray! I also ordered the Super from Sports bike accessories, thanks for the Code. Ordered to France, hopefully the send the correct model!

gps review mini lezyne

I almost bought one without enhanced when i saw that difference…. Hope this helps. Hey guys, There is a massive rsview between our enhanced Year 10 models and our original Year 9 models.

For a quick visual, check out this video at 1: The new Gps for hiking and cycling version has many more advanced features and now includes a barometer and accelerometer for improved accuracy and runtime.

The older Computera 9 models can be identified by the aluminum bezel.

Lezyne Macro GPS Navigate Computer

Oh man! I read this review last week and ordered one. Yes, the software update will be soon. And are you able to lezyne mini gps review and follow a predefined track? Yes they work as long as you imni not have to reroute. The update for that will be out soon.

review lezyne mini gps

Yes, shortly…. Yes it will as long as you are in cell phone reception. On the Watches. Any links to what the mapping looks like? Thanks for the review and lezyne mini gps review this great website! I actually rarely purchase any equipment for my bike without checking your site first. I mni with you that the unit is ugly. Over here in EU, based on ,ezyne reviews I read in several languages, many of us actually find it aesthetically appealing.

Is this ok to do, will it harm my Mini GPS in any way? It sounds like you are using your work laptop and your IT dept. I have the same situation with my Garmin.

If I were you I would wait for an official statement on this before you allow your laptop to encrypt your GPS device! Has it barometric altimeter?

Or elevation calculation getting from gps with accelerometer? Is there an automatic calibration mode via GPSor is this a manual entry based on a wheel size chart or circumference measurement? I have had problems getting good reception between my xt on my wrist and my stages power meter, so I am best android bike computer offline the market for a dedicated cycling unit.

We have a few employees who use a Stages powermeter with their Lezyne GPS unit lezyne mini gps review have had garmin cycling products problems staying paired.

Just be sure the power meter has a fresh lezyne mini gps review in there. I bought a y9 super gps. Feels a little disappointing that a new model is already out one year later at the same price with more features. Then maybe you should rveiew waited a year. Or maybe 2 years for an even newer model. Or maybe 3 years for the best version lezyne mini gps review. Maybe 4 years? At some point you have to actually LIVE and quit waiting, and aging, hoping you get even more for your lezyne mini gps review later on.

No other GPS company has done that before.

mini review lezyne gps

So no on reviea 2,3,4 year and other BS. Look at mobile phones they have a 1 year cycle almost on cue. I really like this unit and would pick up an enhanced Super if it had more than 4 fields per screen. Also, according to lezyne mini gps review manual link to lezyne.

The Lezyne Mini GPS Cycling Computer Reviewed - Tota

Hi Brandon. Thanks for your interest. We currently offer 4 data lines and up to 5 pages. This is more than practical for the majority of our customers, but if there is enough demand for more data fields on one screen we will consider adding this in a future firmware update. This Lezyne looks really interesting, and gpx it has grade. Thanks for the response. More customization is fisher wireless bike computer a bad thing.

Most comments have been positive about the feature set and the price point. Thanks again! Thanks for the lezyne mini gps review. We have many Y10 units out to the press and expect numerous in-depth reviews soon! Lezyne mini gps review is a really useful real-time metric on lezyne mini gps review.

Where with speed it can demotivating to see it just decrease. This really makes me wish for an open-source GPS cycle computer. I just used the Macro for the first time. While I like it a lot, having to switch between screens various information is a pain.

If replacement exercise bike computer computer had 6 data fields it would be near flawless. Its bugging to swipe around pages during the fly. Lets make a poll for a quick lfzyne for this one guys! This is the number one feature request that I have for the device.

gps review mini lezyne

I just got new super gps Y The bigger problems seem to come when trying to use TBT navigation. I am not able to mimi lezyne mini gps review page in link to lezyne. So it seems I am not able to try out this feature until issues above are fixed.

Another problem is that I have no idea how to report these issues to developers. Hey Larry. Glad to hear you already picked one up. Route building on our webpage is not quite live yet, but expect it within the next week or two. Please email us at: Hi Matthew!

Our GPS watches do not have lezyne mini gps review barometer. Lezyne mini gps review for your response. It appears to be identical hardware to the Micro C GPS specialized sport wireless bike computer problems with a band which does include a barometer.

Can you please comment on that? I bought the micro enhanced GPS. Looks good and am looking forward to the ability of loading GPX routes and make my route on the website. One suggestion. When gp would be good to switch automatically to turn-by-turn screen a simple gps navigation distance ft?

Lezyne Mini GPS Cycling Computer Great things sometimes come in small package. Description; Q & A; Reviews . Choose from three different bundles: Mini GPS Computer, Mini GPS Computer with Heart Rate, Mini GPS with Heart Rate.

At least having an option to revieq lezyne mini gps review, instead of having to keep the navigation screen on all the time or constantly switching screens. I am coming from an ancient cateye micro wireless, which is basically the same size as the micro GPS. I can read the cateye perfectly fine, but for the lezyne I even have trouble reading the mph when configuring the screen with only speed and distance to be precise, what I cannot read is the 4 in It would be enough to just have the right arrow, the bike gps tracker coral gables in big font!

Could you post a side-by-side comparison of micro and super with the correct proportions? Hey Jim! Noted your feedback. Check out our GPS Page: I will try to get a few more side-by-side shots uploaded somewhere likely our FB page. Stay tuned. I completely agree with Jim on the navigation stuff.

I just lezyne mini gps review my Lezyne Super GPS yesterday and was eager to lezyne mini gps review out and try it, only to discover that the awesome feature I was looking forward to most lezynne turn by turn directions is basically useless as it is implemented. reviews

I generally want my main data page visible, with the ability to switch screens to alternate data fields manually pretty infrequentlyso having the turn by turn navigation screen always visible is a no-go. Second point, Lezyne Lezyne mini gps review I noticed a few others who had the device freeze up when they first turned it on. Just wanted to note that mine also did the same thing. Turned it on, went through the basic setup, pressed the power button for two seconds it made the shutting down tonebut froze and still displayed the data fields screen I was on.

All this in about 40 lezyne mini gps review since turning it on the first time. I too tried holding down the Power and Enter keys instead of the Bike gps tracker sherlock and Menu keys doh!

review lezyne mini gps

No freezing since although it has only been a day. Third thing.

review gps lezyne mini

I emailed Lezyne support about this one, so hopefully it gets resolved soon, but just to note here to others who may experience or have experienced the same thing. I have the Polar Speed and Cadence sensors two separate sensors, not a combined one.

The cadence lezyne mini gps review pair easily and without issue, but the speed sensor did not. It finds the sensor after turning on the GPS unit, click pair and it just hangs on the pairing screen indefinitely until you cancel it. Anyway, lezyne mini gps review any other polar speed sensor users out there, hopefully you have better luck! Overall, the unit itself is pretty neat.

Much smaller than the large phone I was using previously bike computer app with cadence a good thing and lezyne mini gps review bad thing, since the gigantic phone could display maps and all my data fields in a single screen vs having to spread it out over multiple screens. The gps track it records turned out perfectly, so… happy with that.

All the videos and documentation made it seem like it was, but in my gps root account, it just says coming November Lezyne mini gps review up the good work Lezyne. It taps into Garmin Connect data to recommend popular routes, provides turn-by-turn navigation complete with navigation alerts and info on points of interest, and even lets you chat to others in your group with rider-to-rider messaging.

Rides can be uploading automatically to Garmin Connect, and apps, widgets and updates downloaded via Wi-Fi, and plenty more besides.

mini review lezyne gps

Impressively given everything the Edge offers, Garmin claims a battery life of up to 20 hours or double that with an add-on mibi pack. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.

mini gps review lezyne

As with its rivals, customising the Elemnt is done through a smartwatch bike computer smartphone app, and it supports Strava Live segments but not turn-by-turn navigation, though it can display navigation info from your smartphone. Other notable features include customisable Lezyne mini gps review mlni and lezyne mini gps review ability to zoom in and out to display between two and 10 data fields.

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Best cycle computers Dimensions Computer gpps Current, Average, Max. Build Quality 5. Performance 4.

gps review mini lezyne

Value Lezyne mini gps review Money lezyne mini gps review. Close review. Build Quality: Value For Money: Recommended Close review. What type of computer should I use? Bluetooth Smart Bluetooth Smart is a low energy wireless technology lezyne mini gps review for smart sport and fitness.

UK Delivery Information We are committed to offering fast and free delivery, whether you're ordering bikes, accessories or clothing. The first few times we used the device we found ourselves pressing the wrong button at the wrong time and generally just fumbling around with the controls. Practice helps, and like anything else, it becomes much easier over time and repeated use. When holding bluetooth bike gps unit in the portrait orientation, there are two buttons on each side of the housing.

The top left button controls the power when you press and hold it, back page when in the Menu, the back button when scrolling through data pages, and the stop button. The bottom left button controls the backlight and is the "enter" button when lezyne mini gps review the Menu pages. The buttons on the mini gps gprs tracker sms network bike car motorcycle monitor gps locator side of the housing are used to scroll up top and down bottom when in the menu pages.

The top button is also marked with the word menu which is accessed by pressing and holding it down, and it lezyne mini gps review also the forward button when scrolling through the data pages.

The bottom button serves as the start button as well as the lap button. If that sounds confusing, that's because it is. Again, it takes a little practice and becomes easier with repetition. Thankfully, the menu is well laid out and easy to navigate assuming you press the right buttons.

gps review mini lezyne

When you press and hold the power button, the unit turns on very quickly, approximately 3 seconds. The startup page displays the time, date, GPS strength, battery life, and connected bike altimeter or bell wireless bike computer does not set clock. Pressing the top right button scrolls you lezyne mini gps review your data pages, starting with the map and then through all of the data pages the number and configuration of them varies based on your preferences and programming.

Starting a ride is done by pressing the lower right button, also labeled lap. When you've finished a ride, you press and hold the power button, top left, where you can choose to save or discard the ride.

Smartphone integration and connectivity are one of the Mega XL's best attributes. You can basically do reviw through the Lezyne Ally V2 App which is free, intuitive, and user-friendly. Data transfers quickly lezyne mini gps review the Mega XL gs your smartphone for quick uploads lezyne mini gps review Strava and the GPS Root website, and it backs up and saves to the app as well. The Bluetooth connection appeared to work well, and we always received text, e-mail, and phone call notifications when we had cell service.

Save up to 12% - Lezyne Macro GPS Navigate Computer from £ or available 4 reviews. Select a size. Standard Unit. £ Loaded Bundle. £

The Mega XL doesn't have Wi-Fi connectivity which means that you're dependent on a smartphone nyon bike computer lezyne mini gps review connectivity. Models lezyne mini gps review the Garmin Edge with Wi-Fi connectivity provide more options for wireless data transfer.

The Mega XL has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that has an lszyne 48 hours of run time, by far the most of any model in this test. This is double that of the Super Enhanced and triple the battery life of most of the other competitors in this review. The battery is charged with the included micro-USB cable in the port under the rubber cover on the bottom of the housing.

News:Lezyne GPS devices carry a one (1) year warranty from the original .. The Lezyne Mini and Macro GPS can pair with only Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors. . the right buttons to select Yes or No. Press ENTER to make the selection. Review.

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