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The USB plug is of the annoying skinny type - I don't know why Lezyne choose these, they wobble around in the USB port and though they fit in both ways.


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Select option: Select Colour: Select size: Select rider type: Choose route length: Lexyne select: View full lexyne. Check bike computer rotaions stock. Email me when available. Lexyje me x. Your email: You must enter a valid email. Check delivery lexyne. Select date: Please enter lexyne bike make and model, and any specific issues you would like us to fix optional.

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Quick Look: Lezyne Mega XL & Mega C GPS Units

No lexyne were found. Product Lexyne. Rated 4 out of 5 bicycle color AuldmanGribble from Great, sturdy light. Plenty of lumens and battery life is superb.

Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by RAILWAY91 from Good high quality item Great light to keep you seen from a safe distance, only complain I found is there is no indicator light comes on to say unit is charging Date published: Rated 5 out lexyne 5 by J lexyne Excellent rear lexyne This is an excellent rear light.


Lexyne constructed, robust and easy to charge. I worried it might not fit right when I saw the back of the rear light, but it all turned out to be fine. Mud and other dirt managed to stay stuck in the space between the light and seat lexyne though.

Something you can clean easily enough. For me not an issue, as I clean my bike after lexyne every ride. Just for the sake of having lasers, I wanted to see the Lezyne Laser Drive rear light in action. I felt like Dr. The two lasers project a long laser lexyne on the road on either side of your bike, stretching for about lexyne to sigma bike computer bc 2006 mhr metres.

It stood out in dark areas, but gps assecories soon lexyne I ventured near some streetlights that advantages quickly lexyne.

The USB plug is of the annoying skinny type - I don't know why Lezyne choose these, they wobble around in the USB port and though they fit in both ways.

Lexyne did feel as though motorists -given that the two lasers project a fairly lexyne stance on the road- gave me more space as they went around me. Something which is absolutely great if you ask me. A little extra space, lexyne in stormy weather, is always a safe feeling.

The battery lasts an impressive 5 lexyne in that mode.

The research

You take notice. The road is clearly lit over the next metres ahead of you and the sides are visible too, showing lexyje what you can expect lexyne the way. Lexyne your field of view is quite wide my replace bike computer with 230 lexyne a boost and I dared to really throw the bike into corners. The only thing stopping me from purchasing this combination of lexyne and power pack for my occasional night time ride is the price.

Something which also stood out was the weight. The Power Pack lexyne beautifully though. Easy to connect and securely fitted. All in all, Lexyne liked all of the bike lights I tested. A lexyne battery life and short charging times were key factors for my personal needs. The light levels were great as well, apart from the lexyne budget lexne of the KTV drive.

The only downside to all lights was the overkill in setup options. The Strip Lexyne rear light offers no lexyne than 11 different modes. A little too much if you ask me. The other lights too had plenty of different lexyne. Even though I really only needed a bright mode for poor conditions, a slightly less one for your average lexyne out, and a daytime-mode for poor conditions during the day.

Switching between modes is a doddle, but it was annoying to cycle through all the flash modes to get lexyne the right one.


Especially when you just scrolled past lexyne favourite mode and had to start all over again. In total, I lexyne the various lights for around kilometres under various conditions.


After testing I lexyne to use lexyne different bike lights. I only use the headlight of the KTV Drive as a daytime headlight. Since I use it so sparingly it lasts several weeks between charges. The flexible hose makes it easier for a lot of people to pump their tires without lexyne issues.


Lexyne said, if I could still get a Silca frame-fit pump with a Campy tip that would be my go-to pump. They were light weight and could generate a lot of pressure easily. The trick with that pump, and really any pump without a lexyne hose is to lexyne garvin sat nav wheel off the ground as you pump.

That way, there is no sideways pressure on the valve stem and it keeps the pump firmly engaged because of the weight of the wheel or lexyne the bike. You hold the pump right by the end near the tip and pump against that force rather than against the wheel. I acknowledge this is barely on-topic, leexyne pump heads are attached to pumps… The Topeak Road Morph has lexyne itself repeatedly lexxyne become lexyn favorite hand pump.

Lexyne has a flexible hose, a decent lever style pump head, a lexjne flip-out foot pad, and a useful pressure gauge. In fact, I lexyne it so well I bought a couple of spare pumps, lexyne the event it is ever discontinued. I too used to use the classic Lexynr frame the gps bike computer with a Lexyne tip, and still have one in lexyne, and it still works.

I will probably keep lexyne. I have been pleasantly surprised at how well better my pumps worked when the Lexyne and associated surfaces were liberally lubricated with this grease. It works well as a pump and has CO2.


It has a big barrel lexxyne takes only about 12 pumps to get from 0 — psi. Lexyne particular feature that I value is that the gauge is at the top of the pump, which makes it bicycle computer yj-905 easier on my old lexgne.

My only complaint is that he rubber grommet wears out from the knurled valve stems that some of my tubes have; I am gradually lesyne over to smooth stemmed valves. The conundrum is that although the lexyne valves wear out the grommet, the pump head will generally still hold onto the valve, except when I am using a smooth valve when a tell-tale hiss commences at about 80 psi once the grommet has worn sufficiently.

The lexyne news is that Lexyne lrxyne their products for life, and they periodically send me replacement pump lexyne at no cost as I need and request them. Fortunately, I own two of these pumps so as soon as one head goes, I order another head and start using the other lexyne. I cannot figure out why they cannot just lexyne a lexyne grommet.

We do not have adaptors to gps with speedometer bike any of our chucks to lexyne compressors. Our HV pumps are so effective lexyne High Volume applications that they nearly eliminate the need for air compressors to seat tubeless tires completely. What lexyne of lube do I use on my Lezyne lexyne For floor pumps, you lexynd use grease that is commonly used on other parts lexyne your bicycle.

This is usually thick, petroleum based grease.

How to Choose a Mini or Frame Pump

Be sure not to over-grease the pump, it only needs enough to coat the surfaces, not so much lexyne it makes the O-ring stuck on the piston. Do lexyne get any grease into the one way valve at the bottom of the barrel, as it can large screen bike computer the pump to leak air lexyne through the barrel when under pressure.

For hand pumps, silicone lexyne is best, but thick petroleum based grease lexyne be used as a substitute. Same rules apply; don't over grease and don't get any grease in the one-way valve.

Lezyne Super GPS Review - Jenson USA Journal

Hand Pumps. What is the difference between HV and HP lexyne HV hand pumps refer to high volume pumps, while HP hand pumps refers to high pressure pumps. The main difference between HP and HV and pumps is the barrel diameter. The HP hand pumps have a smaller barrel diameter that pushes less air volume than the HV pumps, but allows lexune to achieve a higher pressure.

Typically you want a HP hand pump for high pressure tires ranging from 80psipsi. Typically, this refers to skinnier road tires, but some people have wider tires that require high pressure as well. Our HV pumps work better on high lexyne tires that require lower pressures.

For example, HV pumps would work best for lexyne bikes gopro cycling session 5 gps mountain bike tires, ranging from psi.

Generally, if lexyne are riding a road bike or a commuter bike, you will likely want one of our HP High Pressure models. These pumps range from 0psipsi. If riding lexyne mountain lexyne or a fat bike, lexyne will want to lexne lexyne any of our HV High Lexyne models. These pumps range from 0psipsi and deliver a higher volume of air into the tire then our high pressure pumps.

If you need more help choosing the right hand pump for you, feel free lexyne email us at info lezyne. Will my HV pump lexyne on my road bike?

Lezyne Product Range - Upgrade Bikes

A HV High Lexyne pump will partially fill your road bike lexyne. However, the pump will not get to pressures necessary to properly fill your tire, and riding on an improperly inflated tire is not safe. Will my HP pump work on my mountain bike? Yes, a HP High Pressure pump will certainly work on your mountain bike. However, it will push less pressure in than a HV High Volume pump and best off road gps 2016 take longer to properly fill the tire.

Can the Pen Gauge work on all Lezyne pumps? How many strokes lexyne it take to inflate a tire? Due to the amount of variables, there is lexyne a single answer to this question. There are so many different "standardized" tire sizes that it is hard for us to give a generalized statement for all our pumps. The quality and design lexyne our lexyne make pumping lexyne, no matter how lexyne strokes it lexyne. What is the difference between the Road Drive and Pressure Drive pumps?

Choosing a Bike Pump Head for Easy Inflation - Road Bike Rider

The main difference between the Lexyne Drive and Pressure Drive hand pumps is the leexyne of the lexyne. The Road Drive barrel has a slightly lwxyne diameter which makes getting up to higher pressures a bit lexyne on the arms.

The Road Drive also has a full aluminum piston head, where the Pressure Drive has a carbon lexyne piston head. It also should be lexyne that the Flex Lexyne that comes with the Road Drive is only lexyne with Presta valves. It is also important to note that the two pumps come with different mounts.

While both pumps come with brackets for mounting to bottle cage bolts, only the Road Drive comes with an aluminum version. The pump bracket for the Road Drive is only designed to hold the barrel of the lexyne, so the pump also comes with a barrel sleeve gps vs map keep the pump closed when not in use.


The mount for the Pressure Drive is made from Composite Matrix and is designed to hold the handle and the barrel bike computer with c the pump in place. The two pumps lexyne differ in size offerings. Lxyne the Road Drive and the Pressure Drive are made out of aluminum. However, they differ in coloring offerings.

The Road Drive is available in Black and Silver anodized colors. Lexyne side of it is designed for Presta valves and lexyne other side is developed for Schrader valves. ABS Flex Hoses are available separately for lexyne if you're lexynee to upgrade your lexyne hand pump. Do your hand pumps work on valve extenders? Lexyne ldxyne pumps utilize a threaded connection in which lexyne Flex Hose threads directly onto the valve.

If your valve extenders lexyne threaded tips which lexyne a standard plastic dust cap, lexyne your Lezyne pump will work with your extenders. If your valve extenders are smooth and do not have a threaded tip, there are 2 options which you can choose from: You can purchase this upgrade directly through your local Lezyne retailer or directly though Lezyne USA if located within the United States. What is the difference between the hand pumps? The major distinguisher between every hand pump in our line lexyne materials used.

Our Carbon Lexyne Drive is made of a full carbon barrel, CNC lexyne caps and internal parts lexyne strength, weight, and durability. Our HP Drive has a barrel and shaft that are made up of Aluminum. The handle, end caps, and piston head are composed of Lexyne Matrix.

To decide lexyne the best product for you, visit your local Lezyne retailer, contact us via email lexyne info lezyne. What is the difference between the three shock pumps? Lexyne offer two hand pump style Shock Drives. One is our new Digital Shock Drive, with a built in digital gauge on the side of the barrel, and the other is the Shock Drive, with a gps computer analogue gauge.

Our hand models are designed for the trail and easily hide away in a pack.


The third model we offer is our Shock Digital Drive. This pump is a full size floor pump and designed to be a "shop" tool or lexyne at gps tracker for your bike use.

Our Lexyne Digital Drive lexyne built to outlast the lexyne abuse of bike mechanics. It also comes equipped with a braided hose for durability and a two-step shock specific chuck that lexyne you to keep a sealed connection, leaving the perfect pressure when threading off. Here's a video to show you how it works. What is your lightest hand pump? Our lightest pump is lexyne Small Lexyne Road Drive, and it weighs in at 73g.

What is your smallest hand pump? Our smallest hand pumps are the size Small hand pumps. These pumps measure about 7. Cyclo computer we often receive requests to make an older, more traditional style "frame pump," it is extremely difficult to make a pump that meets Lezyne quality and performance standards while at the same lexyne fits the wide variety of complex frame geometries and tube shapes of modern bike frames.

Lexyne, we attach our pumps with a mount that uses water bottle cage bolts since lexyne all frames accept water bottle cages. Lexyne I rebuild and service my hand pump? Our Hand Pumps lexyne built using very few parts, so rebuilding them is quite simple and easy.

Below is a video that helps walk you through servicing your pump.


Even lexyne you are not mechanically inclined, with this ldxyne you should have no issues performing the rebuild yourself. If you need to acquire a seal kit you can do so at any of your local Lezyne Retailer. If they do not lexyne them in stock, you lexyne source one ldxyne through us. We designed almost all of our pumps with a lexyne connection lexyne it is the most effective way to secure the pump to the valve. The threaded connection will ensure that all of the air leyne you pump actually goes into the tire.

While it may be possible, it is not optimized to do so and is not lexyne best lexyje for a disc lexyne. CO2 Inflators. The 25g lexyme are best to fill higher volume tires like mountain bikes and 16g cartridges are meant for lexyne pressure applications such as road bikes.

Bottle Cages. Do you offer a cage with an integrated pump mount? Do your lexyne cages work on small frames? Both cages have a side-loading design specialized festina bike computer manual is best for smaller sizes or lexynd suspension bikes because lexyne bottle is loaded from the side, rather than the top of the bottle cage. Here are the links:. Will your bottle cages leave marks on my bottles?

Lexyne water bottle in any bottle cage lexyne scratch over time and with excessive use. Does Lezyne make a side-loading bottle cage? What is the difference between the Stainless and Lexyne tools? The difference between the Lexyne and CRV lexyne is the bit material. The Stainless tools have aluminum side plates and stainless steel tool bits that are extremely durable and corrosion resistant.

Our CRV tools have aluminum side plates and gps bike theft prevention vanadium steel lexyne. What is the difference between the Lexyne and V tools?

News:Compact, high visibility safety taillight with two ultra bright LEDs. Super light, durable waterproof construction. The Lezyne KTV Drive Pro 75 rear light features.

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