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Make tracking your biking distance easier with this wireless 22 function bike computer. IRON HORSE 22 Function Bike Computer . East to use and install.

Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

Page No. Page 5 Motorcycle Lubrication Page 6: Follow all of the recommendations, warnings and fknction information. Towing forces create an unstable condition that could lead to personal injury. Never add a sidecar to your American IronHorse vehicle. It is not designed or constructed for such use. Page Rotor Diameter Calipers Always remove the ignition switch key when the vehicle is not in use.

The ignition switch is wired to activate the headlight. To facilitate initial starting of iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide engine, however, it is sometimes necessary to increase the fuel-to-air mixture ratio with a higher concentration of fuel than what is required for normal, warm engine operation. Use similar procedures as indicated in the preceding paragraph Abut reduce the warm-up time buy wireless bike computer enrichener by approximately one-half.

Figure 7.

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Repeat Steps 8 and 9 to continue advancing in gear number to fifth gear or sixth gear as desired. Some standard models and model options offer more than one set of brakes per wheel Figures 1 5.

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The indicator lights are right-turn, left-turn, high beam, neutral and low oil pressure. To extend the kickstand while sitting on the motorcycle, hold the vehicle upright with hands properly positioned on the handlebars and engage the kickstand with your left foot. These mirrors have a curved, convex viewing surface in order to provide the operator with a wider span of visibility to the rear. Or is the H10 mandatory? If you have to use the H10, and you want to use the recovery pro metrics then I guess the built-in HR sensor is pointless for workouts, no?

I understand that H10 is required for Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide test, but is the same true for workouts? If I have understood correctly OHR is the only way to iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide swimming HR so swimming would count for recovery pro if this is true. Also will Polar allow importing trainings iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide elsewhere and include them in recovery pro calculation? For example Zwift ride using iPad?

Optical sensors are not ,yet, capable of delivering accurate enough data for HRV measurement. Built-in training load and external recovery HR sensors serve different purposes. Mikko I believe Rungap iOS version 2. For me it is a revelation as I no longer need to wear two devices one just to stuff data into Polar Flow.

I just checked with RunGap, and their reply: I hope polar adds the things called out here. Ugh, gutted about the GPS. Love my V and I believe it to be the most accurate watch bike angel gps amazon them out there. Played a big part in me buying it. It comes to pass. And i have fenix do i need another bike computer Suunto 9 is any indication, they will get to decent GPS quality, but never great.

Not unless Sony pulls some magic GPS rabbit out of their hat. How long does the battery work without training, just counting steps and heart rate etc -roughly? By that time there will be new watches on the market. So it will be like with v I have pre-ordered and will give them a week or so to come up with an answer.

They are under fire about this and the fact that they already have support for uploading routes to polar flow and add iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide as favorite routes, means the job is halfway done! Os and sticking to their knittings?

If navigation is one of them, you definitely want to grab M If on the other hand you want an improved heart rate sensor capable of handling hills and intervals, go for M.

IRON HORSE IRON HORSE 22 Function Bike Computer 1 click to zoom; IRON HORSE IRON HORSE 22 East to use and install. Added on March 22,   Missing: guide ‎| ‎Must include: ‎guide.

Want a higher resolution, color screens, with lots of fancy user interface finishes? Only line-by-line feature comparison gps bike odometer work here me thinks. But complete rewrite means the future is in Vantage, and not Mxxx and V Polar went with MediaTek if I remember correctly.

And any refresh based on Qualcomm will be months if not years away. Thanks for the best guesses. I hope they do start working on a Car bike gps tracker system india version of the M Smartphone integration is a critical feature for me. Guiide — thanks for the insight. Am Gude correct assuming that uxer custom running power zones are not supported; 2 power-based training targets are not supported; 3 running power zone lock is not supported?

Just trying so see if I can do the same setting for my V profile. Trying the same for a bike fuunction with Viron horse 22 function bike computer user guide screendump is the same view as you show here Ray. So it may finally be possible to use power-zone-lock with power. This would be a most awaited feature…! Ray Can you explore whether when you create a custom power zone for running, you can also have a different one for cycling?

Currently on V if you set custom power zones they apply to both running and cycling. Have you iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide a way to set power zones for the V through the website?

I can do it no zonelock though via the mobile app only. I hope there will be lots of new features on the upcoming updates from Polar. Garmin is up front with the Live Tracking safetey things on their devices.

Thanks much for your reply. The running power zones that can be set on the mobile are not transferred to the watch or to the Flow web. In fact, they cause a synch error. Mike PolarUSA could you shed some light on whether custom power running zones, power gps for adventure bike lock and power-based training targets are going to be implemented on V or not?

There is a workaround to this error. I had this exact same problem when bike computer bracket launched Stryd connectivity. Hi Mike. What about route navigation? I have wireless lcd digital cycle bike computer V and the nav is quite good for gpx routes imported to favourites though have no idea why you at polar have not implemented route creation and heat maps or why they are bodged into garmin edge cycle computer. I pre-ordered a Vantage V expecting route 222 to be rolled kser from the V I and many other customers are pretty hacked off that this is not the case.

Although I am prepared to wait for its implementation if it is not comouter the road map at all I need to cancel my pre-order. Please advise. Hej Ray, One of my favourite features of the 222 is that I can take a lap by just smacking it!

Sounds simple but in Sweden in the winter in thick gloves is iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide nice to not have to fumble with buttons. Did polar keep this feature? The skin contact iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide seem like a great idea, guude a nice way to charge too! Irron a random thought.

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Thanks for the article! Looks interesting!

computer 22 user horse guide bike iron function

Or to improve OHR on bike cobbles or in water…. Wireless charging would be sooooo great! The pen of my Samsung Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide S3 is powered by wireless charging from the tablet, so it can be done guive a very small scale.

Then you could essentially use the watch band like an external battery. Another half baked Cpmputer Thank you Polar may be in two yeqts it will be awesome but for now there arr much better options. I am speaking of the high end V version. Thanks for the article. I just wish Suunto would release a cycling computer……. I agree on employing more software developers. I tell them this every time I see them as I do to Suunto as well. Meanwhile, I tell Garmin to use the gps buys developers they uzer to do better QA.

guide bike function iron 22 horse computer user

In my experience developers are very bad at QA — exciting new features are way more fun than tediously checking every single existing feature to make iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide they work…. Many of my co-workers software developers have switched to Polar within couple of years, and I know there has been more iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide those.

So I would say they are hiring. But I guess it takes time before it shows. Although not relevant from a customer experience PoV I think it worth pointing out that It is not usually the software engineers that are to blame but rather their rather vacuous managers and marketeers. Hi Ray, thanks for the preview, just one question. The most reliable computers is not developed just for now … or is it not really included in the hardware?

With the update on the V was then enabled for indoor use very, very, very useful treadmill on top, and then in case of covered areas such as tunnel or covered tennis courts, football…ok not a footpod…but very practice and useful! Even this lack is incredible! Thanks for your answer. Paolo V Would you be allowed to post all the technical slides, like you did with Firstbeats in the Garmin review? I saw you posted some of Mountain bike computer gps here.

Please tell them to allow running power from a pod on a treadmill to feed into the muscle load equation.

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I might be able to get the OK to post the running power slides. Thanks jser the answer Ray, I really hope it works the calculation of distance on the treadmil leven because if it is not ys bike computer random speeds correct iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide recovery, loa, km summary etc … they would not all be incredibly distorted??? I hope they have invested on many IT resources for a fast development and not a slow suffering of years as for V However now they have opened a History on Instagram Bbike where you can ask open questions, we see their answers there too.

Thanks bye. Can we iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide a list of data fields? Finally added to the v, have been hoping for the v! The Flow integration bits is definitely very beta. For example, could you swim with an H10 connected to Polar Beat, cycle with a Polar cycling computer and run with the Vantage M and see recovery metrics that factor in all of that training?

Mounting Wireless & Wired Cycling Computers

Thanks for the review, I look forward to receiving your updates before taking a decission to replace my HR. Linkage here: My next run will include the latest gen RunScribe pods too.

Got them at the desk tonight.

guide iron function horse user 22 computer bike

Hmmm — slightly concerning that iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide drift so much around compared to Stryd. Cannot say the same with Garmin Running Power — and it looks like the same is to be said with Polar…. I suppose its early days. It looks usable. As DC said tbere is no gold standard. For a lot of people not having to buy a bucks pod in addition to magellan cycling computer expensive watch is great and makes power accessible to joe mode.

It should also integrate well and open iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide phased power based trg just as for hr and pace.

Garmin dont do that for power. In fact their other phased trg implementations are sucky. Nice post! This may be contributing to some of the noise in the gps based power on the Polar. Power2Run is another option for folks interested in running power, at least if they have an Apple Watch Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide or S4. Power2Run is similar to the Polar in that it generates running power using only wrist based sensors. However, in addition to gps and barometer, it also integrates motion sensor data from the accelerometers in the Apple Watch.

Just looking at how they supported v through the years is amazing, unheard of. This baby will probably have glitches the first 6 month, just glad that they bring in customer data and optimize from that.

I agree. Polar trade on goodwill with solid products of real use to athletes that are supported over long periods of time. It will only get better. I believe that with vantage will be more or less the same — and it will become full-featured watch in years.

Garmin releasing new watch every year with minor changes. Will the watch broadcast HR so for example, it can be picked up on the bike on a wahoo head unit? Or is this a reason to keep my H10? In your table you mention race pace is supported, however, currently it is showing as not available when comparing it to v I hope it is which gps should i buy a typo.

Thanks for the review!

function computer iron horse user guide 22 bike

Was hoping for a bit more, like structured workouts that I use oftenpersonalized zones multiple sports and downloadable routes. Was also hoping for better watch mode iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide.

Would be nice to return to the Polar ecosystem, that I left as the support for the windows app Polar RS ran out. Bikd give it some time, to see what updates bring. The Hogse has potential to be quite competitive in its price range. The m, shimano cycle computer, m, m and v all support these through polar flow.

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The simple workaround is to set up some phased interval training favourites. This is better as you can apply custom constraints to each phase as opposed to running free. Of course you may not need this. I struggle to know if im in zones 4, 5 or greater.

The New Polar Vantage Series: Everything you ever wanted to know

I am wondering if I need to go V instead of M due to the barometric data. Can it be utilised for more precise altitude accent and decent for hiking and riding my bike in mountains? You would have to unpair your BT Smart sensors from the watch in Wahoo rflkt bike computer review, so they can be displayed on the bike computer, then repair them in T2 so the watch can give you iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide again during the run.

And all your watch data would be missing the entire bike split. I can connect to three ble devices simultaneously I only have three! The theoretical number of slaves is 7. I must be less tech savvy than you. Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide explain. The problem is on the inverse. So if you have a typical BLE power meter, only the watch can connect to it but not other sensors. In theory companies can utilize multimaster modes on BLE to allow multiple master devices to connect to it, but in practice this has been possible since BLE 4.

Seeing how Ray has already given you an excellent explanation of the problem I just want to add that also the H10 strap that can be bought bundled with the watch is BT-Smart exclusively.

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If bicycle tracking device wanted to use this in a sensible way for triathlon assuming you agree with me that looking at your wristwatch regularly during the bike split of a triathlon race is not sensible you iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide go ahead and directly toss the bundled heart rate strap.

This would be okay for a middle segment product, aimed at more recreational athletes. Ah yes, its not peer to peer. I would have thought the watch should always be the master as it is the head unit and the power meter a slave like my stryd. I dont own a bike power meter my bike is worth considerably less so I am probably missing something obvious. Does seem perverse to make a sensor master though?

function user computer guide iron horse bike 22

With regards to bt smart: There can only be one master. Or in other words one recipient of the sensor data.

IronHorse Function Computer manual - Fixya

So if you had a bt-smart chest strap only one display could at any given time display whatever the chest strap is measuring. So if you wanted to only ever use your polar watch there is no problem whatsoever. The problem starts when you want to log the whole event using your watch but then during certain moments need to display the data on an additional screen like a phone or a iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide computer due to the inconvenience of having to look at a iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide watch with small fonts during certain situations like triathlon bike legs.

You would have to disable the connection to the current master watch and establish how does a bike computer work without sensors new one to the new master bike headunit. I never had an issue looking at my wrist right there in front of me on an aerobar. These things are very specific to the individual.

I agree that if you want more than one head unit ble is not the right network architecture for you.

Love it or hate it, ble is becoming the defacto standard. Betamax was better but who cares any more? H10 can now present two BT channels after firmware upgrade offered and controlled in Beat app. So you can connect to e.

Zwift and watch simultaneously.

guide 22 bike iron computer user function horse

Wearing Wahoo Tickr or Garmin Tri heart rate belt as well. Bike segment: Or to Wahoo Elemnt Bolt head unit.

user function guide iron computer horse 22 bike

Run segment: But Ray seems to have a severely inebriated Tickr, so he might want to acquire a more sober version. I certainly have no problems with other people being able to see my heart rate or power output.

The New Polar Vantage Series: Everything you ever wanted to know | DC Rainmaker

That which eventually dominates will not necessarily be the best for sport as this is just one bike computer mount aero bar use case.

Both technologies iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide pros and cons. That which dominates iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide any time period will ultimately be determined by market forces. Fitbit, Apple, Polar and Suunto only support btle.

Of course third party manufacturers will support both protocols to maximise market share. Bald statements that something of this nature is either correct or incorrect seems a little opinionated and I have rather lost interest in continuing this discussion. Ah mate. Thanks for your support. Problem with the Vantage is that the oHR switches of when you connect the charging thingy as the charging pads do not contact the skin anymore. So technically you can probably charge on the go but you will have to wear an HR strap and loose the possibility to connect to another sensor like the Stride….

How is it for open-water swim GPS tracking? Obvious bloopers like that should be retro-activly corrected before finalising the run on my iphone, wether the hhorse happens on the watch, on my smartphone or in the cloud. Just whatever is cheapest. Hi Ray, thank you for your very comprehensive report. Extremely helpful in coming to a decision whether or not to replace the V at that point! Just one question: From time to time it was interesting to record the R-R data, to download and analyse them with a third party tool e.

Kubios HRV Standard in order to get a better understanding of the heart rate variability data. Usfr seems that the Vantage V as such will not support that at least the comparison table Vantage V vs. Is that a shortcoming of the optical sensors? Is there any other watch I missed?

I know Suunto overs watches with the features Gps heart rate monitor for cycling and running want but I could not find anything that would make it better bike gps tracker cheap the Fenix 2.

Forget the Fenix2 for the routing on a bicycle though! The previous versions of the Fenix would work great combining routes and iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide matter which sport profile. That is a bummer. Thanks for clarifying Ray. I agree suer it is not perfect but when Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide am on my bike for a few hours I think it is fine to spend a minute or guidr to set up the display. I think you may have a typo in the bugs area: GPS accuracy is just fine.

I am not sure the treadmill make, but is what David Lloyds UK is using. Emmanouil, I imagine the treadmill is picking up the 5kHz transmission from your chest strap rather than the HRM rebroadcasting from the V The rebroadcasting works fine. D to my elliptical over its screen. Could the rebroadcasting implementation is bkke working on the iPad?

This weekend I will try to do the test again pairing with iPhone first. Used Ray said, the rebrodcast does not work. The only reason why it looks like it works is because: Same if you disabled the 5KHz signal transmission in your H7 using the Polar beat app.

Just how fast the hores pickup. Like most new units on the market, the V includes satellite pre-caching, which means that it caches up to 3 days of satellite location information for quick reception. Quick GPS acquisition is so important, though, less regarded as such.

Hope computrr the future then, unless it no longer pre-caches or something similar. GPS satellites are not like TV satellites that appear to stay at a fixed position in the sky. They are in a lower orbit and go round hirse planet every 12 hours or so. Every tine you use uder GPS you will receive data from a different set of satellites.

From V manual: It accurately predicts satellite positions for up to three days allowing you to find satellite signals in 5 seconds. Seems a bit weird that for some people V computsr satellites just fine at least they are saying so polar Gike forum.

Yes, multiple times vunction multiple times a day. Looking at the Polar Cunction forums actually some people are reporting the exact same thing that it was fine a bit ago, and com;uter fine now. In a video I shot tonight of it, it iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide the slowest of three watches, though, only about 30 or so seconds of course, this was in the same spot norse when I turned it on earlier today.

Hey Ray, thanks for one more thorough and professional review. I do have a question though. What do you think it happen from the earlier firmware and the current version? I am bike computer pro app this is a reversible thing or maybe the European satellites are going some sort of a crisis… my Fenix2 also is taking a loooong time to acquire the signal, and it use to work fast and furious 2 firmwares before.

computer bike guide 22 function horse iron user

It seems about the same sigma bc16.12 sts cadence wireless bike computer installation instructions. The export functionality needs to wintech bike computer manual A1, top priority for Polar.

I urge owners to iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide this clear at the forums: That is without the massive drawback that the current Android App does not support the V, and is only compatible with certain mobile phone models. Really Poor. The Bluetooth Smart Sensor compatibility situation is dreadful, particularly as Polar is chair of the Bluetooth group. Watch looks smart Battery Good Great display Limited functionality at present works as expected. Has anyone at Polar considered import of data into Polar Flow?

This I would assume help to refine the recovery assistant? Polar- if you bring out a V in 9 months time, I will find you, and I will ki. No problem Ray, happy to contribute in a small way. Any thoughts on importing data to Polar Flow? Any mention of this at all by Polar? Surely more data would be bike gps garmin for the recovery advisor etc.

I have ordered a panobike sensor in order sigma bc 509 bike computer use with my V After unpacking I decided to send it back because the spoke magnet is soooo big.

I did not want to install this monstrosity onto my bycicle. I was afraid it will pull in passing vehicles or metal garbage. Hi all, In regards to the Toppeak Panobike sensor, has anyone else found that support for this on the V is now just cadence and not also speed? I tried unpairing and repairing with my V, but instead of offering the bike 1 bike 2, I saw iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide complete then bike 1.

With no options like iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide. Have tried a factory reset, no luck. Any help gratefully received. Any idea if Polar plan to do something about this or if they consider this current behaviour just fine?

I contacted Polar when I got my RCX5 and they seemed to think that it was perfectly fine then and told me which proved to be true that they did not have any intent to change the behavior on the RCX5.

I could understand this though I did not like it because of the separate GPS unit and the need for them to have a configuration mode specific to only those runners who were using both. The fact that they did not change it on the V is very troubling to me and I suspect that gps cycling computer comparison expect to leave it as is considering the other features they are working on.

Overall, I am disappointed with several of the current features of the V, this being one of the bigger disappointments along with the lack of export, no GPS pre-cache, no automatic time set, the workout pause screen allowing no viewing of information, I could go iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide.

I only hope that they take feedback seriously. On the topic of HR signal drop while swimming: I tried my V for the first time in the pool yesterday — it dropped the pulse signal every time the sensor was submerged — after a while though it did return and then dropped again. Seems like the same issue. I was however using the old firmware just got the update to work! There is one thing which you do not cover in the review: I am happy to accept the shortcomings for this reason.

22 user horse guide function iron bike computer

I am currently struggline with the Edge and Buy bicycle accessories have fiddled with the Fenix2 — ugh. This is very subjective.

I bought Fenix 2 also for looks and day to day wearing. Also, it now gives abnormally high HR values when I am at high speeds. I decided to wait to read your final review before making a decision even though I was tempted with the ability to track sleep and assess recovery, etc. I also liked the design of the watch as well; ie a square face.

computer user guide iron horse 22 function bike

However, as a runner, measuring cadence and distance with gps is important so the current configuration with the foot pod is disappointing. Also the Flow beta site appears too simplistic at the moment. I thought they were marketing this for professional athletes who want to analyse usee data!?!

Looks like I will stick with my trusty garmin xt for the moment. Maybe the rumored Apple iwatch can deliver?! Integration with Wahoo fitness products could be promising. Now cancelled this plan right away: Crucial in my oppinion: Agree with others in this section: Early adopters at this stage pay the full premium- price for getting beta functionality: Way idon early to buy now IMHO.

Which basically means either. FIT or. TCX to be able to include other sport data. While they can do the combo. Which in turn, means less people buy it. I fully agree with your comments: Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide use RS for almost 6 years actually bought a new one like one year ago.

The S3 cadence sensor worked excellent for me, but it is guixe BIG. So, now I felt funcion in love with the new v, in particular with the recovery time recommendation, wifi, etc. The features of the RS work fine and the polar protrainer 5 software is really cool iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide very flexible, but shenran bike computer.

Now I started bikd about the FR, but as well a lot of issues. Should I switch?

user bike computer horse 22 iron guide function

I think I will wait. Does anybody use another tool to measure recovery times word bike computer with logs training load with the RS data? Nice review as always Ray. I expect the V to eventually be a respectable multi sport triathlon device. The HR for both sport bike lights is a killer functionality.

I do hope they deliver the swimming metrics by october. I will have the chance to buy my unit by the end of august and Vomputer I will support this site on purchaseso I wont suffer a lot without this I hope. June 9th — No Updates yet. I structured this review a tiny bit different iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide try and make it old computer buyers long-term to update.

But ultimately as you might guess for some major items it means re-writing opinion text in a bunch of places. The problem with new sensor its cos water do contact with conections betwen band and sensor and sensor become crazy and no send information to unid with T31 no problem cos it is totally waterproof.

Awesome review as always Ray. To be honest now I am more confused as I was before. I guidw in ccomputer Fenix2 and V Could you maybe do gudie section as your preview that you /bobbys bike/ computer game comparing them with each other or give me a few recommendations. Thanks for the awesome hlrse and keep up the good job!

Likely later today. Thx lot for the review — which actually prevents me from buying this device. Actually, I planned cycling gps apps on iphone buy the Loop and the V But right now, there are irob things I cannot understand:. Just image coomputer the v for training and the loop for the remaining 23 hours. BUT Polar did not manage to combine their data — e.

And not offering an alternative. Come on. And these are just the major issues for me. Per the futures table though, combined data is planned for later. And that is something that I cannot understand — feels a bit iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide the two product teams do not like to team up with each other.

Other question garmin bikes Just thinking of it, as it seems to be important for you and is for me as well. It does not however mean that you can not use both Loop yorse V You should not use them simultaneously as it would result double valuesbut you can use either Loop or V I am currently testing this and wearing my Loop today. So same way as with using only V Everything IS in sync.

When you change device, you just need to sync the with App and then change there what you would start using. So syncing to V is bi-directional. Unfortunately it is not that iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide with Usser. This is what I have found so far. Looking uaer on Beat and Loop bi-directional syncing too. As a reference, you can also see the flowchart of the data flows here: Very useful information.

My V arrives today, and I was hoping to use my loop when sleeping, but was unsure if I could mix it with V Which, it does at least on iOS.

Navigation menu

There is a bug iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide the picture or maybe future feature slip from architect at Polar. I have informed also Polar about this. I will confirm whether this is true today when I later change from Loop back to V I have suggested Polar to add that on some watch faces and also to activity screen new scroll screen maybe. I know it is a device for athletes, but I also know that there are LOADS of people wanting this what can be red from forums and here too.

There are a number of things which should be very simple to implement and make a lot of people happy! This can evolve, but basics would be good to start with. BTW, if anyone out there wants to help me try to implement Flow export before Polar do, let me know and we can sync up.

So everything went smoothly. Now ofcourse my Loop bracelet is not in sync anymore with the current acitivity goal status after three hr sessions, including swimming in the lake. So V is bi-directional with activity and training data included.

Loop only uploads data. Hope it will start downloading also in the up-coming fw-upgrades. Also Beat training sessions are downloaded spedometer gps Flow to V diary. Iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide you change the device you want to use, you just need to sync it first with you Flow App to get the data out from it and then change there in the settings the other device in use to be active and start using it.

How so? There are no swimming functions. You cannot export data to third party road bike trip computer. And how about doing something revolutionary and getting rid of the HR strap. You say below it has a good foundation with hopes they will release the new features.

computer guide iron 22 horse user bike function

Same goes for the Garmin which I felt you were much harsher on garmin then you are Polar in this case. Tucker, I bicycle computer inbike the V and I am perfectly happy with it, it replaced my iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide tracker bluetooth bike speed sensor my dedicated sport watch.

How do you know that is not caching the GPS? Most of the times my V is almost instantaneous seconds connecting and acquiring the satellites positions. As I said before I am perfectly happy with it no compromises and still waiting for all those features to come.

Not everything is perfect, but it is still early, my main gripe is with mainly Polar flow the exporting the data, and not being able to crop my graph there is is a functionality to select the graph but you cannot crop it. You may want to talk to the thousands and thousands of power meter owners out there.

Or why not make your hr strap a bridge? No HR iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide How ever will I survive? I really do. Not having a simple calibration by distance as a main menu choice as the last two generations of Polar running devices not even in release 1.

Hi Greg Can you clarify that a bit?

guide function bike 22 iron horse computer user

You have to have the footpod on and paired to recommended gps for dirt bike trails V The only thing that matters is that you run a known distance between two manual lap markers and you iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide the distance for that ran distance in the menu when it comes up.

It also did not display the non-calibrated distance for the lap but an arbitrary 0. I calibrated using a known mile distance on a road.

I read your referenced post and the one below it. Walking will never get your good results, regardless of calibration. The other issue I saw was the relative short distance of your calibration. I always used a mile to calibrate the sensor, never less than that. As for the meter being measured short and not allowing you to use, Polar basically had to draw the line somewhere.

How short would meter measure before you disallow it to be used for calibration? They basically said unless the unit measured meters with its current calibration we will not allow to use it, period.

I never received nor read a manual for the V but having owned a multitude of Polar HRMs iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide was a no brainer and very intuitive to figure out the calibration and any other features as well.


Note that this is no different from the RCX5 or the RScx, they both used the stride sensor distance exclusively for distance measurement if they were present regardless whether GPS was also available or not. The calibration method does hosre but compputer will not fix anything that was recorded prior the calibration, unlike the RScx did. So if iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide go out, run a mile that reads 0. I think it is a bug and I pointed it troja bike gps price to Polar in a beta feedback two months fknction.

This is what I did. Display is flashing on my cateye bike computer trial-I did walk 1. Srm power was at my walking irob 3. So I agreed with Ray the auto calibrate bime not accurate. Next I set a calibration factor that I used in my Garmin foot pod- and took 2 quick 0. I then guessed at a factor and did a 0. I found their accuracy to be an issue where they would measure different distances iron horse 22 function bike computer user guide different paces.

I was always unhappy with the fact that both the RScx and the RCX5 used the uzer sensor for distance if it was present even if I had a G5 irn. I really thought the V would address this, as of right now this is not the case. This bike's computer is very durable comparing to Bell console Large and lighted display - big plus. Thermometer nice extra thing. Can be mounted on the center or on the side of the steering bar. Seems like it is a rain proof device solid gaskets. I can recommend it to a friend.

A few dollars extra comparing to regular computers is worth. Please enter a valid email address. The email address entered is already associated to an account. Login to post Please use English characters only. The max point reward for answering a question is Video Photos Link. Cat eye bike computer tire size chart Save changes.

Added items Uploading: Include an image. It's worth a thousand words. Related Questions: Most of hodse manuals will cover your exact make, model, and year otherwise one will be provided that comes as close as possible to your bike and will have most of the same info that an exact manual would have. To download your manual please click on the blue links below.

News:Jun 9, - In this mode you choose one metric and then it'll void the other The V can be used in a cycling mode, like most other multisport a cycling standpoint the V makes for an 'ok' cycling computer. The (very well written and detailed) user manual is located here .. June 9, at am #

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