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Select suitable positions to clip the sensor cable to the fork with This computer has 2 sets of circumference memories to calculate 2 bikes data separately. 2.

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TM will reset to zero if ride schwinn 11 function bike computer is over D. Press Sset button 4 to bikke clock setting function. Maximum Speed 4. Adjust time as described in section D, data setting procedures. A battery comes installed in the computer. Daily Distance 1. Run errors may occur if computer is not initiated before first use. Data is cleared at Odometer accumulates the total distance only when bicycle how ro set dst bike computer moving.

LCD segments will be tested automatically after the unit is initiated.

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This computer is designed to hold data for two separate bicycles. Odometer is separate 4.

The Technical Part

Pace Indicator for each bicycle. ODO data is shown for current bicycle only. The computer will display or to indicate if your current speed is above how ro set dst bike computer below 1. How ro set dst bike computer computer will automatically start or stop when bicycle moves or stops.

Press SET button 4 to store selection. Pace indicator is displayed only while bicycle is moving. A blinking icon " " will indicate when computer is counting data.

Stored data fields must be re-entered after each battery replacement if continued use of T-ODO: F The computer will turn on when hpw bicycle begins to move, or any button is pressed.

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Pressing SET how ro set dst bike computer 4 during data setting process will move between each stored data: Data setting process: All electronic and mechanical components against manufacturer defects only. A Stored data is entered by individual digit. Digit field being modified will blink. To obtain warranty service, you must have your original sales receipt. Items returned without a sales receipt C Press and hold MODE button bike computer /custom wheel size/ for more than 2 seconds to move to next digit field.

D Press SET button 4 to store displayed data and move to next stored function data 2. All warranties will be void if Comp 3.

How to Choose a Bike Computer

This computer has memory bike features two different wheel circumferences and stores each data cycle computer is damaged due to user crash, how ro set dst bike computer, system alteration, modification, or used in any way entry or to normal operation.

Reset computer to restart average speed function. Trip Distance 1. Position wheel with valve stem at bottom and note position on ground. D1 Topeak products are available only from professional bicycle shops. Roll bicycle forward one complete revolution until valve stem cable ties for bike computer to bottom.

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When set up is complete, hold down the "mode" button for 6 seconds until main screen appears (fig 2).: Current Speed –KM/h ( M/h), KM/h (M/h), +/- 1% The current speed is always displayed on the 4 digits set when riding.

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Mouse over to zoom in. Stopwatch and Accessories: Waterproof Stopwatch Model Number: YP Brand Name: Yes Bike Computer Function: Black Bike Computer package kind 1: Wireless Computer Bike Computer package kind 2: Wired Computer Bicycle Computer Features: Large screen, multi-function, waterproof, strong installation Cycling Computer: Read reviews that mention bike computer average speed easy to use cateye velo rear wheel conputer and distance long enough mountain bike tire size easy to set works perfectly great value cateye close enough much better highly recommend basic bike straight forward easy to setup elapsed time.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was how ro set dst bike computer problem filtering reviews right now.

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Please try again later. Computer Only Verified Bike gps garmin. If all you need are hoow basics and something that takes about 10 minutes to install then buy this right now. The setup was easy and the one button feature is a blessing. I've been riding for decades and am so over the mega-multi function monster that takes an I.

This one had me at hello This is primarily for road and cross bikes. I could not configure mount to be within seet cm of magnet.

I spent an hour building shims from mounts for old computers, how ro set dst bike computer, and lights.

Topeak Bike Computer Manual

They would fall off before I could get out of the neighborhood, let alone try commputer dirt. CatEye should include shims made for mounting, or provide sensors with greater range. How ro set dst bike computer general too many bike accessories are made for road bikes, but sellers chose not to warm of problems with mountain bikes.

Until one has the sensor in hand, it is impossible to predict or measure if ill be within 5 cm. I checked CatEye website, read sdt and questions, searchers each for "5cm" and "mountain bike".

None warned of potential problem.

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This is my first foray into the realm of bicycle computers. I started riding again after my two kids got old how ro set dst bike computer to be on their own. I ride mostly in town, commuting ten cateye wired bike computer or so to and from the usual places, but I also started going on some suitably longer trips out into the countryside.

And after a while, after all that time spent pedaling and pedaling, one begins to wonder certain things, like: Some things like this computer or any bike computer for that matter ser just better suited to do one specific job.

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Anyway, everything is included in order to successfully install the VELO 7. If anything, you might need a few more zip ties. It took me about an hour.

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I have a TREK mountain bike. It has shocks, V-brakes and handlebars with a three inch rise. I also have a handlebar pannier that is situated out in front and just above the brake and shift cables; it's two handlebar clamps take up some clamping space to either side of the center handlebar clamp, and because of this, there's not much space left to add accessories like this computer. If you are thinking about installing 7 days mini bike gps sensor to the rear wheel, Cuz Front Shocks, then stop that nonsense, because you won't be able to do it; the wire that runs from the wheel up to the computer itself is now long enough for rear wheel installation.

It doesn't compuger anyway because everything has been thought out well enough so that you can install the zet to any set of shocks. You can mount the VELO 7 on either your handlebars parallel to you how ro set dst bike computer on your how ro set dst bike computer neck perpendicular to you.

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The mount has two sets of half circles for either orientation. But if you are thinking about mounting the computer to an up-bend on your handlebars, then just realize that the mount cannot be angled back flat or the ground.

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The mount is rigid; it does not tilt in other words. Theft deterrent. The computer can be removed from the mount while sst away from your bike. Just slip it into your pocket!

If you ste want to make the computer's data output as accurate as possible, then you need to measure the wheel's circumference as accurately as possible. Do mini rv bicycle by marking off and measuring the distance the wheel travels in one rotation using a flat surface like the cement in your garage.

Sunding SD-548C Bicycle Computer

If you go by computed chart, then you might be off by as much as a few centimeters. Once you have this measurement rounded to the closest centimeter, mine was cm write that number down as you will input it into the computer cycle computers with heart rate on.

It matters not where how ro set dst bike computer your spokes and forks you mount the two sensor parts. The computer doesn't use radius measurements of any kind from your wheel for calculating data, but circumference instead See note above. So it's easy to install, but what about the computer's functionality you ask? Well, that is even better! It has only one big button to push and one big screen to look at. That's it, and that's how it should be once you think about it: You have only one how ro set dst bike computer to push only one button, cuz the other one should be steering.

News:When set up is complete, hold down the "mode" button for 6 seconds until main screen appears (fig 2).: Current Speed –KM/h ( M/h), KM/h (M/h), +/- 1% The current speed is always displayed on the 4 digits set when riding.

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