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Buy GARMIN edge Intelligent Wireless Bicycle Computer, sale ends soon. Be inspired: enjoy Brand: GARMIN 13 Customer Reviews | 2 answered questions. FLASH SALE Support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo three navigation systems ○ Built-in altimeter to master . How to choose hiking equipment? Here briefly.

Garmin Edge 130 Mountainbike Bundle GPS Cycling Computer + Remote + Cover + MTB Mount

Intuitive Setup Wahoo Elemnt Easy customization via smartphone app. Tiny and Powerful Garmin Edge All the features you need without added complexity. Courtesy of Garmin. Garmin Edge Plus. Courtesy of Wahoo. Wahoo Elemnt. Courtesy of Stages.

Your complete guide to Garmin Edge GPS bike computers

Stages Dash. Courtesy of Polar. Polar V Courtesy of Hammerhead. Hammerhead Karoo. Bryton Rider Garmin discontinued the Edge several years ago, so the Edge steps into its place with a similar compact design. The Edge is smaller and lighter than the Reciew The new unit is 1.

gps garmin computer cycling review edge 130

The Edge weighs in at 34g, which is lighter than the 57g Bike gps mobile The new Edge left is smaller than its Edge cousin right.

One issue with the Edge was that its screen was somewhat difficult to read.

cycling gps edge review 130 garmin computer

Despite its smaller profile, the actual screen on the Edge is the same size as the one on the Edgebut more importantly, its 1. The new Edge left has a screen that is much easier to sherlock gps bike price than the one on the Edge right.

The Edge also adds Bluetooth connectivity so you can upload your rides via the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone.

Best Bike Computers - GPS and Speedometers for Cyclists

With the Bluetooth cpmputer comes the ability to use Strava Live segments if you are channeling your inner Phil Gaimon and going for the KOM on your local climbs. The Edge has several layers of functionality as a cycling computer.

cycling review computer garmin 130 edge gps

It is a first a GPS unit that records your route and accompanying data for upload to Strava, Training Peaks or other training applications. Like other cycling computers, it accepts heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and power meters, and it also pairs with Varia cycling awareness accessories. The device also pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth. If you turn the connection on, it allows you to access Strava Live segments as well as get notifications about text messages and phone calls, which could be helpful when sneaking out of the office for a mid-day ride.

The main menu is easy to access on the Edge Setting up the Edge to access magellan bike gps review data it gathers is pretty straightforward. Like thethe garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review controls the Edge with external buttons and not a touchscreen.

The main menu pops up after holding down one button and provides easy access to ride settings, navigation and phone and sensor connectivity. From there upload the course to your device and off you go! The Garmin Edge tends to acquire a GPS signal pretty much instantly — which is no surprise given the range of satellite types which the unit can garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review to, including the new European Galileo satellite system.

computer gps edge cycling garmin review 130

Thankfully the Strava integration with the Garmin Edge is surprisingly strong for such a small device. You can review which segments are loaded onto the device from the menu, to plan your next KOM hunting trip, or just ride and wait for the unit to tell you that a segment is about to be started. When you do garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review out on the road, as you bimble along, Strava pipes up to tell you when a segment is coming, and how far before the start.

On each segment, you get an overview of the section you are riding on, gps mountain bike routes, ocean county, nj with your time in relation either to the current KOM holder or your own PR.

Returning Halfords Customer?

At the end of a section, you are greeted with a little summary of your efforts, on that mini part of your ride. Once you have finished the whole ride, you are asked to categorise your ride. This is instead of having different ride profiles. Others may disagree however. Early firmware versions weren't great and I'm still getting issues with the accuracy of the elevation - currently elevation is m below where it should be.

It feels like Garmin are using early adopters as beta testers. Long time required to get initial fix. Seriously impressed with mine. Three months use, riding most days and zero dropped rides, even rides over three hours. Have mine paired garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review troja bike gps price 4iiii power meter and HRM. Expecting support for SeeSense Ace lights garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review. Fast syncing with Garmin Connect, even on an ancient iPhone 6.

Occasionally it's taken a couple of minutes to get a GPS lock despite rides starting from the same place. Not sure where it gets A-GPS data from or if its stored on the device. Most often the slow lock is after a few days of not riding. I've used the mapping and nav a couple of times and have found it accurate enough for the riding I do mostly rural. This has been completely reliable in comparison.

cycling review garmin computer gps edge 130

Good to see regular firmware updates too - make evge you take them if you buy a device that's been on the shelf for a while.

For me there seems to be a correlation between how recently the device has been used and how quickly it picks up the satellites. The other possibility is that it needs a phone connected in order to benefit from A-GPS not sure if that garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review even still a thing? Certainly on y s bike computer manual Monday morning after it not being used for three days it takes a while longer to get a lock.

Rest of the week it's pretty much instantaneous. Literally switch it on, roll the bike out of the shed and it has a lock.

Garmin Edge 130 GPS Cycling Computer

I'm fortunate to be in a rural area without tree cover garmij tall buildings to interfere with the satellite signal so things may differ in an urban environment. I've found firmware 3.

computer garmin edge review gps cycling 130

Got some weird issues with Garmin Connect not updating gps tracking system bike performance stats but garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review that's a GC issue, not the If you have Bluetooth sensors you intend use, try before you buy.

On the other hand, as of now this is the only Garmin computer that supports Bluetooth sensors at all. Other than that no major issues. Battery time is good. GPS fix can be slow as indicated by other posts. I bought one this summer and I am a bit disappointed to say the least as there are certain annoying niggles with it.

Apr 18, - Here you can see me picking out some of the details for a given screen. The Edge supports both ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart sensors, including power meters. . your unit find GPS and put you on the cycling screens ready to ride. . its features against other bike computers and related cycling gadgets.

The auto pause feature takes up to 10 seconds to kick in so if you stay somewhere with lots of traffic stops then it will seriously garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review your average speed. Probably linked to this is that there is a garimn lag in the recorded speed on the device. I do it all the time. In hindsight now I wouldn't have bought it.

Upgrades over the 20 and 25 include the MIP screen, the number edgr lines of viewable data and the battery life.

130 review computer edge garmin gps cycling

The Super GPS also lets you configure the screen layouts with the companion app, which is much easier and faster than cheap garmin bike computer through menus on a little computer with up and down buttons.

The Lezyne app also works for navigation on the fly: The Edge cyclinv not an extreme case yarmin any end of any spectrum, save the screen crispness.

It is not the garmin edge 130 gps cycling computer review, the smallest, the biggest or the most robustly featured. Our rating. January 1, at Edge Our review Superior screen readability and Bluetooth features elevate the small-GPS-unit game Buy if, You want a sharp, small GPS that can talk to your other gadgets but don't want a full-featured training and navigation unit.

cycling 130 gps computer edge review garmin

Sharp screen is super easy to read, small form factor, long battery life, incoming texts, wireless auto uploads.

News:May 23, - Cons. Lacking in power features; GPS in monochrome can be hard to follow; Expensive The unit itself is 40x62x17mm, small compared to most cycling computers. Choose language, units, pair with sensors and with a phone, then go ride. The Edge is also compatible with Garmin's Varia cycling.

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