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Sep 20, - So we've established it's (Super GPS) a bike GPS computer, so I'm going to skip past the The route of your choice (including turn by turn directions) is then .. I bought a Bryton as a possible garmin replacement – I was not lack of customization on the data screens (such as link to

Newb to GPS's. I just don't know what to get.

Hopefully its an upgrade from my old cateye stealth You certainly cant beat the price. Carbon Full Suspension Originally Posted by GuitsBoy. I like to fart when I'm in front posma bike computer reviews you on a climb. Originally Posted by dirtrider I almost pulled the trigger on one, please post up how it works out for you then. had sensor issues even with the Wahoo speed sensor which is not bryton bike computer supported according to Lezyne.

I switched to a Bontrager supported sensor and it has worked flawlessly.

bike bryton computer

Made me like the older Super again. Originally Posted by sjnuss. Bryton bike computer me clarify. The older Super unit worked ok for a while with the Wahoo then I suddenly started getting erroneous mileage readings, i. Spoke to Lezyne about this. No real solution other than the "Wahoo was not officially supported".

Forum · Classic Mountain Bike Forums · GPS, HRM and Bike Computer Though, I have been eyeballing the Bryton Rider series of GPS cyclecomputers. be as accurate as other GPS devices on the 'net I compare my logs to, but YMMV. . If I find I actually use the data, Ill pick up a wahoo or something.

So then I changed to the supported Bontrager sensor and all plays nicely together. I have no experience with the new Lezyne units.

bike bryton computer

Wahoo may now be supported but not sure. So the older super worked with the wahoo, but the newer one did not? Im guessing theyre going bryton bike computer upset a lot of people with that, and maybe it will be fixed in a future firmware update.

bike bryton computer

But thanks for the useful info, saves me some trial and error. Lead by my Lefty Originally Posted by ziscwg. Wow, if they don't support Wahoo they are just a Yahoo Just got the enhanced super and have been pleased with it bryton bike computer far. bryton bike computer

I have a wahoo HR montor and speed sensor. Its been hit or miss as some rides ive had bikeforums.nrt re-pair and others it will auto pair. I may try another speed sensor instead. computer bryton bike

Had the old super for a week before returning for the enhanced and had no bryton bike computer pairinng the speed sensor via bluetooth. Everything worked beautifully, and mileage and was a spot on match to my old trusty stealth GPS unit. Hard to beat that kind of value. BTW, if anyone else buys from Arts using a coupon ie.

New Lezyne GPS computers look awesome!

I own the Mini. Pretty happy with it as I'm only interested in the basic feedback from brytoon ride. Question though, how come the ascent ft listed during a ride on the unit is always higher than the ascent ft listed on the Lyzyne GPS root website after uploading it. computer bryton bike

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By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policybryton bike computer to the use of cookies as described therein. Mark Forums Read. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle. bryton bike computer

Why are cycling GPS' so expensive? Thread Tools. Compared to car GPS systems? Bicycle GPS' are smaller, have lower quality screens most of the time and contain less raw material than a car GPS yet cycling GPS' are 40 to 50 percent more expensive.

Apr 6, - If not, and I'm expecting not.. what is the best cell phone to bicycle .. I think I would be better suited to pick up the Bryton Rider GPS for.

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A lot of reasons. The lower quality screen is mostly about battery life.

bike computer bryton

So is a lot of the design. The unit has to be smaller, lighter, somewhat aerodynamic, waterproof, etc. Most people examine the data from their bike GPS or running watch much more closely than from their car and have higher expectations for it. Competition is getting better but historically hasn't been very strong in the bryton bike computer GPS market.

bike computer bryton

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Why do lighter weight helmets with holes cut in them cost more than their heavier, less holey counterparts? Originally Posted by Steve B.

bike computer bryton

So a cagy answer and not really the answer you want. The 2 methods I'm aware of with a Garmin device to create routes in an off-line environment, and then port the route to the device is 1 Use Garmin bike gps 810 Connect to create a route.

Once saved on the website, it's instantly available on the mobile Connect app and then easy to BT drop onto the Garmin device.

Or 2 Create in RideWithGPS, save on your computer directly, then cable connect the device to the computer and upload bryton bike computer map. Hmm ok.

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I was just thinking since a lot of group rides, and events post the route for garmin devices. Originally Posted by DanSP. How long are you riding? Most smartphones have bryton bike computer problem making it through a long ride with GPS running.

What GPS do you use? - Bike Forums

If you're using it as a navigation guide with the screen on the whole time mounted to your bars, most would probably still last at least 3 hours. Originally Posted by RPK Posted by Drew Eckhardt. Garmin Edge Look for cheap ones from the UK. Find More Compuher by memebag. You should be familiar with the routes which are a 3 hour round trip bryton bike computer your home and office. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Email this Page.

Lezyne - Mini GPS or Power GPS?

Liked 1 Time in 1 Post. Thanks for the explanations. I'm tempted to think that none of them do it properly as yet Maybe it's just a case of making your choice and living with the consequences. Find More Posts by europa. Originally Posted by njkayaker. The Garmins with maps can also do "breadcrumb" navigation.

bryton bike computer

computer bike bryton

They add "turn guidance" big white arrows. Track garnin also serves as a backup to the "turn guidance".

The 96 HOUR GPS bike computer

Turn guidance big white arrows requires that the map used to plan the route matches the map installed on the device fairly-closely. Find More Posts by znomit.

In the Market for a Bicycle Computer...

Question on the Wahoo Bolt: Can you charge it while it's recording? Is the USB port accessible while it's seated in the mount?

computer bryton bike

To answer my own question, with the ahead mount it looks like one would need to use an L-shaped cable to avoid clearance issues with the stem, as there's very little space between the USB port at the 6 o'clock position of the device and the stem. Last edited by compputer at Visit joewein's homepage!

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Garmin Edge 20 / 25 Question - Bike Forums

Assuming you can get a cable to work Quote: Liked 8 Times in 5 Posts. Originally Posted by Steve B.

bike computer bryton

But you are either going to use a pre-existing route that somebody else created in RWGPS, or create one yourself and will likely use a computer to do that.

Or create a route on Garmin Connect and use the Connect mobile app and the BT connection to bryton bike computer the course vryton the device. Find More Posts by pdlamb.

I guess this gets to the question I was trying to ask. Bryton bike computer not just download the route while you charge the GPS from the computer?

News:Feb 11, - Can pick only a few things on the screen and.

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