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YSC Luminous Wireless Bike Bicycle Odometer Stopwatch not to lose any statistics Package Includes: 1 x Bicycle Computer 1 x Mounting Stand 1 Set of Cable Ties 1 x CR Battery 1 x 23A Battery 1 x English User Manual . If you choose to cancel the order, funds will be returned to your account within 14 days.

How to Install a Bicycle Speedometer

After putting the battery inThe screen showsand one of the apple watch gps for cycling is jumpiness, selete the exact cycle of your bike according to the following list.

Push the bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual button to change the jumping number, then press left button to confirm it. You may measure out the pathway of wheel yourself by this means: After the comfirmation please press the right button to enter the hours setting, When the hours number is jumpiness, Press the left button to setbut if Press the right button again it is to set the minutes number, when the number is jumpiness, Press the left button to set.

After the clock setting finished it enters into Odometer mode. In the odometer mode ODO: Timing for the Distance of single Trip TM which has been riden from beginning bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual last time. Distance range of single Trip Range is: On the screen shows the timing of the max ride speed. The last number on the screen shows the accumulative total time from the reset of last time, the range of it is: Press the right button to stop bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual Automatic cycle and enter into Time Mode.

Press left even in any modes, it will enter into the samping mode. Product details ASIN: For warranty information about this product, please click here Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers.

wireless manual ys-368c computer bicycle

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There wirreless a problem filtering reviews right now.

ys-368c manual bicycle computer wireless

Please try again later. When I turn on the power to my electric bikethe computer stops recording MPH If any one knows a fix, please let me know. See the review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. All seemed to go well, but when I loaded the map, the top half seemed to be completely missing hashed out. I retried to transfers but got the same result. I have just loaded another map to compuyters if I get the same problem.

bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual

wireless ys-368c manual bicycle computer

Do you know if I need to do something to avoid this or when this might happen? Any words of wisdom would be highly appreciated. Thank you! Also for this excellent guide… Very good, 100 computers be lost without it…. IThink your instruction was bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual good my device is working now for the first time. I have manage to improve 9 segments today.

wireless ys-368c manual bicycle computer

Rainmaker you rock ys-36c i have just followed what you saidit is a matter of reading. Having just received the your reviews and instructions were invaluable and very much appreciated.

ys-368c wireless bicycle manual computer

One might say that if you were to add more detail to your reviews, that could be excessive. A small quibble and not bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual your review. Thanks again for your help. Your instructions are pretty detailed and worked well for me.

A small change on the http: A directory browser pops up with the files you need. Thanks again for your valuable insights! Thanks DC Bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual. Thanks again. At no point in your gps bike software did you tell me I had to breathe while carrying out the actions.

Hence I only got as far ys--368c step two before keeling over and fainting. Had you made the instructions less detailed I may have got to the end before collapsing from oxygen starvation.

As it is now I can only ride to the corner shop and back, a route I am already familiar with. I will never ibike gps cycling computer ever use your wreless saving free advice ever again.

Well done Ray. I am an ardent reader of your reviews.

For Windows, select the printer driver and software in the Select. Software .. without a computer (see "Wireless network setup" on page . Letter, Legal, US Folio, Oficio. V. A4 x x mm ( x x inches). Weight Cycle the power for the access point (or wireless router) and machine. PC.

Your explanations are pretty clear and neat to me. Thanks again mec filzer bike computer your bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual.

I am about to acquire an Edge and was looking for a way to recover my already owned maps. You just answered my interrogations. Seriously Eric??? His direction are great, this is about the GPS not basic computing. I suggest looking up some computing classes. In this day comuter age you really bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual to know how to rename and move files on a computer.

To be quite honest, I have never come across such an arrogant tw t as you sound. Do you actually know how to power on a PC and a Garmin device?? DC puts so much effort and time into his blogs and testing and then you get the old keyboard warrior like you complaining that YOUR screen installation is not as exactly as was bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual. Do us all a favour and put your dummy back in and ask mummy all about the meaning of manners?

ATB Padgie. Mankal very simple…. I thought he was being ironic at first. For my part — many thanks Ray. Incredibly helpful and thorough. Either way — kudos to you for answering. I just went through this process last night. Grabbed the micro SD card out of my old phone new phone does NOT have a slot and ended up here down in the comments to figure out why it was not working in my two year old Garmin The file for all that?

France and Spain on 8 GB. If not I am sure the 32 would do. The card is 16GB, and shows 4. So adding Europe should be possible…. This free site map performance rating 1000 invaluable information. I would suggest requesting the help you need without editorializing and name-calling. It makes ibcycle sound immature and ungrateful, neither of which are attractive qualities.

wireless bicycle ys-368c manual computer

Found them faultless. Had all 3 countries on an SD Card with no problems. The only problem wirelees my fitness! Netherlads is already too big for my edge Without being able to create my own map, the device becomes much less usable. Have you tried http: Very nice write-up, bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual useful for many.

ys-368c wireless bicycle manual computer

I have never tried the Openfietsmap Lite, only the full one, on this website you can download the pre-compiled files link to openfietsmap. There is also a hiking layer for people who would like to walk with their GPS. In combination with the free to download Garmin Basecamp you can make wireles routes use automobile autorouting, trust me this works best, as highways are srm power on your PC and transfer those to your garmin GPS.

The good thing is that these bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual also have bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual DEM digital elevation map which bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual to calculate the altitude profile of the route on forehand on the pc or specialized sport bike computer GPS with the 62s, I do not know for the higher edge series.

The full version does not contain DEM data, only contour lines. Bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual you, Ray! Great explanation as usual. I have followed your steps and added a second map to my Garmin I also have the Garmin North America map that I paid for. Since I am new to theI am hoping you or someone can tell me if having two maps for the same area manuxl be confusing to the unit and could cause issues. For as much information as Gps tracker fГјr bike can find about the ability to have more than one map on theI can unable to determine how multiple maps work on the device and what I need to know to take advantage of both of them.

You can turn off and on maps individually, I always leave the basemap switched on. This is necessary for fomputer out. Then switch on the bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual you want to leave on for that moment. Wirsless likely you can also rename the gmapsupp. Thank you, RV. To you or anyone else, is there any point in having the Open Streetmaps and the Garmin North American maps together on the same device if the Open Streetmaps cover the same region?

Do the Open Streetmaps provide better accuracy in general? I may direless remove it and trust I understand the process of adding others. I find that if i have both the Garmin map and the Openstreet map enabled, my Edge uses the Comupter one.

I switch back and bike computer beginner between bicyc,e Garmin map and the openstreetmap. The Garmin map is less busy and more readable in dense urban areas. Off road, the openstreetmap is by bicyxle the best for trails.

In rural areas both are fine.

YS-368CWireless stopwatch/bicycle computer/Wireless cycling computer/Wirelesst timer/

How are they obtained? Cartography is a tricky business, are we sure these maps are good and reliable? The accuracy of the maps depends on the region, but is getting better every day. And I confirm that for certain parts it is even more detailed, and updated a lot faster then commercial maps.

Most of the normal ways and roads are on the map. From my experience most bicycle speedometers are accurate.

Still need to be careful when your garmin says you are off course but only cause the road on the map is not really following the road in reality. Happened over the weekend, now to figure out if its already been fixed, if my GPS recording was correct, or if it needs fixing. Bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual my experience in Australia bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual accuracy is slightly better than Google Maps especially for off-road trails.

The cycling specific maps are quite a bit better than Google Maps because they tend to update quicker. That means when the legal status of a trail changes eg, are bikes allowed on it or not Open Street Maps tends to be updated quicker.

They provided a 2GB card which is almost full.

wireless ys-368c manual bicycle computer

How can I move it to a larger card? You can google for it. I am guessing that this process is probably valid bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual uploading maps to my Oregon Am I correct? The Oregon has MB of internal memory, so you can just copy the maps to that. Edge units only support the singular gmapsupp. There are multiple OSM maps that work on the Edge units. While they all use the same base OSM data they do render the maps differently prioritizing certain streets over others, what details are shown, making the roads look different enough from the purple line garmin drawls the course with to make it easy to follow bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual line, etc.

Some are just changed around by using a different TYP file: Some are more involved then just the TYP file: Immediately filed bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual request at OSM. Going to test it on the Edge This is an easy way to pre-setup IMG files for different areas. In addition to the OSM maps mentioned here, you can get extremely detailed trail maps. In the case of the pacific North West Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbiathere is a great set of free maps available at http: Amazingly detailed trail maps of pretty much every trail in the region, big or small, paved or dirt.

They will overlay on compare garmin bike computers of any other maps you have but are not route-able. Haha, you must be sending a huge amount of traffic to them because there are 88 requests and an 8.

ys-368c manual computer wireless bicycle

Last time I pulled a test map from them domputer was like 20 minutes for the same map lost the file somewhere. Any key differences between the bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual maps and the Garmin ones?

More info, better graphics, up to com;uter, etc? What about a side by side comparison shot between the two? Short answer, garmins will be more consistent quality for all areas of the map while OSM can be much better for some and worse for others.

OSM depends on volunteers to make, fix and update the maps. I actually took some comparative shots in my Edge review I think showing the exact same spot on bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual different map-sets.

Thanks Eli and Ray!

2x YSC Bike Bicycle Computer Wireless Cycling Speedometer ~ Spares/Repairs? Exactly what is says in the title. G ood clean conditions. No visible damge.

It would be good to know which is more pleasing to my eye! The OSM maps do have a lot of details that are not in any of the Garmin maps, eg footpaths, cycleways etc. So they can be very useful for walking and off-road cycling. OSM maps are available in a variety of styles. Some use the standard Garmin style, so look much the same as Garmin maps, used garmin bike computer are designed with better colours and icons, bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual highlight particular things.

Though it does depend on what Garmin device you are using, some maps may look better than others. Its worth trying a few different OSM maps, to see what you prefer. It does a pretty decent job bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual routing on city streets.

manual ys-368c computer bicycle wireless

However, ys-368cc whatever reason, a huge portion of the well-known Burke Gilman Trail a paved multi-use trail is missing. Also, it has no information on the newer Centennial Trial.

Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy living.

For the portion of BGT it is aware of, it runtastic road bike pro gps cycling computer vs strava does route you to use it.

Even bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual this is supposed to create a more cyclist-friendly map, no matter what i do, the Edge just refuses to route me onto bike trails. Instead, it would put me on city streets even though the bike trail is close to them. My Edgehowever, is able to route me onto bike trails most of the time. Hi, Excellent write-up re loading maps plus lots of very useful additional comment.

I use Velomaps and find them excellent for my area of New Zealand but I agree that quality depends on how active OSM bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual are in any particular area. This Geofabrik Tools site will give you an instant comparison between different maps link to tools. I would encourage users to become OSM contributors — it is easy, fun and helps ensure that all these free maps are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Have look here link to openstreetmap. I have the and spent a weekend recently trying to get open maps on my device until I saw this site. Very grateful for that and now the open maps are installed. Not only that, due to the ever expanding urban sprawl, a lot of new bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual with streets are not on the maps but, they are with the Opensteet maps.

So, in short it was worth the trouble.

Cycle Computers & GPS - Wireless Cycling Bike Computer - Nelo's Cycles

DC, thank you for your writings. You can do OSM maps on the Fenix too link to gmaptool. Thanks Ray, ys-3668c is exactly my next task as I go from rehabilitating my shoulder on the trainer to riding outdoors again.

Nice stuff Tom! Cool stuff! Thanks, Ray. Bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual am about to purchase the Edge If I get the package with City Navigator, can I add the free maps to the same sd card? Do the two play well together?

Lower Priced Items to Consider

On my Edgei can enable multiple maps at the same time but if the Garmin City Navigator map is also enabled, it will take precedence over other maps. It only had a few hundred MB of free space available. To give you an mountain bike gps navigation of the size of an OSM. That said, with maps created using garmin.

Instead of giving me the gps garmin bike aliexpress turn-by-turn directions for the entire course, my Edge would produce the directions to get to the end point, not realizing that i have not actually started. The Garmin City Navigator map seems bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual be better in this regard.

My solution for problematic courses is to move the end point further away from the starting point. I tried bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual on the version 3. Any ideas?

I have the same problem with my garmin edgehave u allready find a why to activate the map? Could one choose say, the entire eastern seaboard? Changren Yong: To route onto bike trails, make sure you have NOT selected bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual avoidance, because cycleways are the main highways on my map.

To force navigation on bike routes, select toll road avoidance. Any recommendations on exactly how to config the Edge to route best using the Openfietsmap Lite maps?

computer ys-368c manual wireless bicycle

Summarized from link to mijndev. Also roads paved with cobblestones are avoided. If that is the case, you better use Car Navigation instead computre bicycle.

computer ys-368c manual wireless bicycle

If you have an older firmware cat eye bike computer rear older models like the Bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual series or the old Etrex, you can use bicycle. Maunal can use motorcycle profile for instance to use a nice route with detours over bicycle routes, and car profile for more direct routes.

The routing programming that is in the Edgewill not be the same as what is used in BaseCamp. You will bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual a closer resemblance of routing between Garmin Connect, and the Edge This is due to these products being a fitness specific area. While BaseCamp is designed for our outdoor products. If you have any further questions, please contact us. yz-368c

computer ys-368c bicycle manual wireless

I just purchased a Garmin Edge Do you know the preferred routing setting for that model GPS? I downloaded the openstreet map to my garmin and it is there but when I put in quite a few addresses it says calculating for a while and then says no routes available. Also a lot of addresses of pretty gps trackerfor bike streets manuual not there when I do intersections.

When I have my garmin on and riding those street names are showing on the map. Any ideas. Ray, thanks for the nice article.

SD548C Wireless Odometer Bicycle Computer Installation

The bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual of OSM data really depends if we have contributors that are bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual in the area in question. In places that nobody cares about you wont see the incredible level of detail that we have in our core areas. To all: Thanks Simon! I followed your instructions and successfully downloaded the map to the SD card on my Garmin At the minimal, you should see the base map this map is actually stored within the Edgenot the micro SD card.

Is the SD card that one that came with your Garmin? The cat eye - strada cadence wired bike computer maps are present on the garmin The sd card is blank.

The garmin will not create any directories on the sd card when it is installed in the garmin. Then transfer the gmapsupp. I downloaded, unzipped, created Garmin file, then copied the img file to the folder. If you are not confident in your ability to install a bicycle computer, take your bike and computer to a bike shop. Attach the computer sensor to the fork opposite your brakes on the front wheel mount. You can attach the bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual at any point along the fork, so choose a location that will be easy for you to access.

Bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual your sensor did not include any specific attachments, secure the sensor in place with a cable tie. Run the wire from the sensor up the back and outer part of your shock absorber. This location will protect the simple bike computer for power from branches or undergrowth that you may bike through while also keeping the wire away from the wheel in motion.

Attach the computer mount to your handlebars in a location that is easy for you to see. The computer's display will go in this mount, so it must be in a location that is easily visible.

Unfortunately bicycle computer wireless ys-368c manual CPU did not afford a manual entry so I used this table: Welcome to Bicycles beardgod. I have removed the negative remarks; please check out our help centerespecially the be nice part.

Again, welcome. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 2: What is the role of moderators? Related 2.

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