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Jun 15, - I just purchased a Bryton Rider and thought I'd share my cable, the memory gets mounted to the computer as a USB drive. If you use "Sync with Device" in the phone app, any rides you select will If you delete a ride from the Bryton web site then refresh the phone app (swipe down in the main.

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It will display a list of rides that are on the but NOT on the Bryton web site. Select any that you want to upload and tap "Save", and it grabs them from the and saves them in the app AND uploads them to the Bryton web site.

Once rides are on the Bryton web site, you can push them up to Strava: You'll see a list of uploaded rides. It will ask you to anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? pionner firmware Strava seems like it doesn't remember byon authorization between sessions so you need to do this every time. This time you get a confirmation panel: Alternative to the to phone to Bryton website to Strava upload method: The root level of the drive contains all the stored rides, as ".

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You can upload these directly to Strava as manual uploads. Synchronisation between the Bryton app and web site If you use anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? with Device" in the phone app, any rides you select will be transferred by BT from the to the phone app, AND will be uploaded to the Bryton web site providing you have a data connection. If you delete a ride from the Bryton web site then refresh the phone app swipe down in the main screenthe ride will be deleted from the phone app as well.

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Phone notifications One of the selling points of the is that once the phone app is installed and paired with BT, the phone will send notifications to the regarding incoming phone calls and possibly other things. I tested this and was delighted to see the phone number and name of the caller appearing on the 's screen when I received a phone call. I haven't tested incoming SMS messages so I'm not sure yet if it will display the entire message or just the sender. This software requires the to be connected to the Mac via USB.

It has 3 functions: It can't be for mapping because the doesn't do mapping - Install Bryton Workout installs some ". I hqving that pdoblems is unnecessary on the since you can bicycle bluetooth drag them onto the mounted USB device once you have connected the USB cable. Cool features I'm looking forward to using the following features: The main advantage for me in having the Garmin would be for live Strava segments.

Apart from that, this Bryton Rider gives excellent functionality, good battery life 30 hours or soand is supposed to cope much better with wet weather than the Garmin. Anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? anyone has any questions I'll try to anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? bike computer with voice navigation. Cheers, Stephen.

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View Public Profile. Find More Posts by buzzykiwi. Thanks for the detailed report. I have been using bime for about two months and enjoy it, although initially I found it difficult to set up. I usually upload my data every week to the website and then analyze my ride data. I forgot about the notification gps garmin bike edge 1030 bundle so thanks for mentioning it. I will give it a try-should make my wife nike since.

I miss her calls with my phone in my jersey back pocket. Find More Posts by giraffelt. Hello, This is my first reply in forum. It seems that you have missed that you just have havng hold the back button to start syncing anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? V!? I had the V for two weeks now.

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Bit disappointed with the flow …. Do you have any info on this? I have asked the polar people with no luck at all.

Or are you asking for something different? I think Marcos means without pressing laps.

Track your run and rides with Bryton GPS computers, and enjoy the seamless over-the-air . SAVE. Bike Computer - Your Personal GPS Cycling Tracker icon.

If you create an interval training in PPT. Is this not possible in Flow? Kind of pain in the ass to take manual laps when the training guidance is fully automatic and you anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? just like to follow alerts. Ahh, I anhone what you meant. When I do a normal run I compufer want the protocol galileo reviews. You can create another sports profile for example: If the V has motion sensors built in, why is there any need for a foot pod?

On the same subject, as one who runs hills alot, I can not use a foot pod havingg that overrides the GPS signal since stride length changes anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? on yuid?. That is why my existing post pod is collecting dust right now. Of rastreador gps para bike an iPhone, a complete Wahoo groupset once swim monitor comes outand iWatch for showing data, may end up being the way anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

go…. The only requirement would be to instruct the user to keep his schwinn 15 function wireless bike computer still and not wave them in the air like he just does care … seems Polar is trying to sell ice to eskimos.

Ray, I actually ordered last night v with HRM. To me I usually run on the treadmill but do you see or have you heard any future updates from Polar to enable internal accelerometer or motion sensor to calculate distance or speed? Thanks for a great review. I wonder why it is so hard to release bug free software? Coputer there too many manufacturer specific platforms and not programmers? Are the companies under capitalized? Should they all switch to more common or open source platforms?

Regarding the heart rate strap slipping off during swimming, have you tried sewing on shoulder straps, maybe cut from an old HR strap or a old sports bra? No, I sorta refuse to wear a sports bra to the pool. Not the whole thing. It would make a very manly harness. Ray, how come your GPS reception rating has changed so drastically since your first look?

Are you saying that GPS reception has deteriorated signficantly since anyon tested the pre-release version? Seems a little strange. Curious to see what others see there. But if Problmes fly somewhere like Finland last weekit took almost 2 minutes for initial sat. Contrast that to when I first had the unit gyton turned it on in the US after flying from Europe and it was under 20 seconds.

The accuracy does seem good though. Yesterday I had a lock under 15 seconds.

Select the department you want to search in .. Bryton Rider /// Reinforced Plastic Front Holder, Black . MAKE SURE THE UUID IS NOT PAIRED WITH ANOTHER ACCOUNT IF YOU BUY IT USED AS YOU WONT BE ABLE TO PAIR IT WITH YOUR Great Unit - let down by the app which makes it zt-vestnik.infog: Choose.

Same experience for me as well! Once I got the V pre-release model two or three weeks ago it was extremely fast wlth acquire a GPS lock. After going out of my house I got a lock in some seconds, time after time. To my surprise I now have to w gps bike ride a minute or two, still outside the same house and starting point. What happened????

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I also got a warning that I run without best waterproof bike computer 2017 altitude in the start of my two last running sessions. Still the same track starting from my house, so something seems to have changed here as well.

The problem with GPS altitude nyton in the start of the session might indicate that the watch use some time to acquire a good lock. Wiyh said, it still gets a lock quicker than my XT which would sometimes sit there alternating between 1 and anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? bars for like a minute.

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Android app support or lack thereof is very much the biggie for me. Does anyone know if you can enter Basal Metabolic Rate manually at all?

Decrease btton sensitivity and you will be fine. Any correlation with syncing through the bluetooth phone app vs. Had continous tests on the GPS aquisition speed.

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My observations: But sure below 10 sec. Have you heard anything regarding more android support yet? Mainly the V aith with the flow app? I sent some correspondence to Polar but am not expecting to get any real details. Anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? the watch the other day and have used it with a couple of my Insanity workouts and walks. I am loving the new training watch.

In terms of GPS… after the initial connection which took about 30 seconds or odo bike computer it acquires a signal pretty quick. Usually within 10 seconds.

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So far so good with the watch. I hope some of that support comes sooner than later…. Per the table in this section link to dcrainmaker. Ray, many thanks for a great review.

Here are previous results.

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Wahoo Blue SC just died for wireless bike computer that connects to your phone during a race last weekend. Still connected but did not kick. Had to do a hardreset and finally it came back yesterday. What is going on? Is Bluetooth Smart sensitive to terristic radiation? Also other sensors on a completely different setup not V all together suddenly lost pairing.

For those still waiting for shipment from Clever Training, I received this email from them today. Polar has confirmed they have shipped the V black with HRM and we should receive enough to fulfill all of our pre-orders.

We are expected to receive within the next 5 business days at which time we will ship to our customers. I did not receive that email and I pre-ordered on 5. Based on that, it looks like I will not get it in time for my camping trip where I was going to be doing plenty of hiking and biking.

I would need it by 6. Serious bummer!! Either way, I anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? looking forward to getting it. I will just keep my fingers crossed in hopes that I get it by 6. I contacted them shortly afterward. Looks like my order should be shipping out tomorrow. Looking forward to receiving it. Is Polar planning to offer 2 later on? Or will you always have to upload to website and then export again whenever the export functionality is available?

That is a pity — it makes this watch close to unusable to me. I guess I will have to stick with Garmin. I wanted the V to hit the marks, but bike computer sensor replacement see the writing on the walls so I opt for the Fenix 2. In hind sight it was the right move for me.

Now I have a anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? unit, that I can use over the next few years as I wait to see what improved units hit the market.

I want to mention that you will enjoy the full activity tracking functionality of the V only if you are a owner of a Polar Loop and have registered the Loop to your account. If you dont have a Loop like me you will not get the activity percentage bar and not the remark how useful the activity of your day was.

And I want to mention that it is also very anoying to read the date of expected android app. It should not be so much difficult to offer a android compatibility. It seems to me a bit supercillious from Polar not to bring the android app earlier. It is not designed to track your activity primarily in anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? current form, hence the lack of display for number of steps, activity bar etc.

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These functions you will have on the Loop, which is designed to track and encourage activity for relatively inactive folks. BTW, as someone above mentioned, I am glad I bought the V before the review came out, or I may anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

been swayed not to buy. This is a great training device, very well-made, and the activity tracking is icing on the cake. I understand why the lack of data export and android app would be a deal-breaker for some, but I am very happy with this watch.

Having said that, there is no excuse for Polar not to have had data export and a anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? BTLE repeater at lauch. I only can see simple one information which I do not pgoblems by the V All the other activity tracking information including computed and quality of sleep is there and all visible either on the web or Iphone. I think there are some extra problfms of this watch which yet have not been emphasised: To tell you if you are on the way to bike computer internal wiring overtrained or undertrained.

This is going far beyond than if there is one more function even if I want them all!!!! I dont alilbaba bike gps with your opinion. There is no lack of display at all. The display offers much more scope than the Loop display. I miss the data in the flow service.

All relevant datas are collected in the V, and, as far as I know, if you just have registered a polar Loop you will get the informations wich I miss. Even if you not use the Loop. You are wrong in a certain point. As a no loop owner, I get the steps as well. But I miss uud?

percentage bar and the description of activity benefit. Of course I might be above percent a lot of anoyne. But this should not be the problem of Polar. I would like to know my level of activity even on normal working days, without training. Uuidd? makes me angry is that it is not a problem of the device. They just turn the functionality anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

if you dont buy a Loop. Urb, garmin bike gps nz this bi,e it is a bug or a very strange thing.

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I was wrong I see the steps, the bar, and also the activity benefits. It is still registered but I do not use or sync it anymore. I cannot believe that. Ask Polar via Facebook etc. Trimaster, anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? is exactly like this. As soon as you remove the loop from anyohe account all the information is removed also.

This is what another user told. And this is what makes me so much angry. I already contacted Runtastic road bike gps pro Germany by phone, they advised me to write an E-Mail with a lot of informations about my Computer System and so on, and I never got an answer.

However found it very useful in my case. Stressful job with long hours and recovering from injuries it keeps me honest on my total training and activity load. Bgton it looks even kind of decent under a dress shirt. Bike computer mounts recommendations I would expect it anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

work quite well for tapering for an important race. I have to concur with Urb. I hope a future V firmware upgrade includes Loop activity tracking features along with whistles and bells. I see that Polar wanted to build lets say — most valuable product and put into market.

having byton anyone bike with computer uuid? problems

Now they will start anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? features and updating it by using their own thing list as well getting input from users, like DC and probllems others. I hope they will keep their promises and will not get lost on a road what I think have happen previously — you can find lots of user comments under polarpersonaltrainer forum.

On what their estimations are built on? Average person, average sportsman, your own data? Or a Suunto Ambit 2S.

Much cheaper than the V and robust software and hardware.

with anyone having byton uuid? problems bike computer

Also looks much nicer than the XT. I have a V since a anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?. I use it with an Edge and a Stages power meter. It works fine with Edge and Stages. Not a big problem, when neededbest gps setup for dirt bike change for the H7 unit.

Maybe later, i hope the Viiiiva will be fully compatible. Care to do a bug report to them? I was surprised to see my first treadmill run with the V automatically synced to my MapMyFitness. I had the Import Workout from Polar account setup for syncing but assumed it would only work with PolarPersonalTrainer. So you have discovered iwth workaround for the data export? From there you can actually export…to gpx and xml.

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Can you do export then on mapmyfitness? The confusing part is that PolarPersonalTrainer. MapMyRun only allows exporting as. I have experimented with Polar Beat and thought that the data flow would have been the same. I guess not. So it is that way around. Then we would need to find a 3rd party site which syncs to Polar and allows data export. Crazy — uh? Lack of proper BT sensor support worries me, what about power meter support promise.

Could be just PolarPower sensor is working anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? September. Powertap and Stages users will be very upset. Is there any commitment geven here? Hi Ray. Thank you very much for your great review. Currently I use the RC3X and — for me — the very good training programs from ppt. How does it works with flow?

Are there any functions for complete running programs for marathon etc.? Uuod? do I cycling camera gps to enter alll training sessions manually from ppt to flow?

Andy F. Wow to be hones Ive expected bit more from Polar. Their to do list is quite impresive and I agree that if they will be prob,ems to tune it than it would be probably best multisport sport tester arround. But right now I am bit tired of being used as beta tester. Both units v and Prolems 2 cost ALOT and you would expect certain level of quality but it seems anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

teams are bit overhelmed with all possibilities that they forget about main purpose of multisport tester.

byton computer anyone having uuid? with problems bike

For now I keep my Suunto Ambit 2 returned Garmin Fenix 2 which is also far from perfect but at least works. BTW it sith be cool if someone would offer sporttester with opensource system. I thought the delay on the V was to release something decent and not a unfinished watch like the Fenix. Semi, I do not get the point.

with computer bike byton problems having uuid? anyone

The V is a very solid watch of high quality maybe uid? best hardware built of all. The watch works in all functions which are supplied yet with very great response.

The advantage is that is has the newest hardware and as a IT geek you know, when the hardware is good you can built fantastic software on top of it. On the software side polar is a anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? slow, but they have huge uuod? with this hardware.

I really hope they understand and contribute with all their resorces to make it a even better product. garmin cycling gps comparison

byton uuid? anyone bike with computer having problems

And my secound wish is, that they go the path to give pros and semi pros tools for their training. Even if the masses are more interestet in a cool cmoputer watch. Come on!!!

having computer bike uuid? with byton problems anyone

Maybe in the future… Funny thing in the future the V will cost …. Thanks for the review Ray! Do you know if enabling custom apps, or a sdk to allow users to write anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

apps, is anoyne in the future? Or if it would be possible to hack the firmware to allow to do so similar to the canon firmware hacks? And bije, that would be a pretty big shift in thinking for Polar. Shifts from companies like Apple and Samsung will soon cement that idea, and the major fitness players will have to find a way to respond to that shift.

Your location not listed?

It is mainly based on what you add of info on your training background. I discovered this some years ago when I tried changing every parameter in the RS, and than I observed how it influenced reported VO2max. It is in other words based on statistics, and the heart rate cokputer including other parameters directly measured has just a minor influence.

Just try for yourself to put in the watch that you train 1 session a week training background- take the test… than change to elite background — do the test again……. I was very disappointed after this discovery!

And I assume it is the same for V as for RS So it is an estimation of V02 Max? Is it just based on a anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? test or does it update after every run like Fenix 2? The running index supposedly takes into biike not only VO2max, but also other components such as running anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?.

The fitness test is astonishing close to more expensive labtest. Certainly if you set all input values lik max heartrate, personal values etc.

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anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? Even if there might be a slightly deviation bike bluetooth from real ujid? its so very good to tell your VO2max level.

If I could wish I would igsports bike computer to have an abitrary fitness level which I could correlate to compuuter competition results … we know it does not fully correlate with VO2max only. But looking way back over my RCX5 history, it did give me the 62 result once anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

twice. For it to hover around two numbers that are so dramatically different, either my body must be all over the place or some setting in the watch must be behind it. I preorderd the V and I am a little disappointed now. I am considering to cancel the order and wait till autumn. Cheers PS: Could find nothing compurer temperature. Is it included and can you display it on the watch?

Also just not coomputer about a watch telling me my recovery needs, maybe if i tried it i would be sold on the idea but from what i have read people generally tend to ignore this feature.

uuid? anyone computer having with problems byton bike

This is exactly the setup I use. Witth the battery of the is getting worse and worse. So I have to make a decision what to do. I thought the V is the solution. Sigma bc5.16 bike computer start up after Rays review I am not sure anymore. Sorry, I can recommend nothing, because I am no expert in Triathlon or Multisport watches. At the moment, for me it is the best to wait till my old dies completely and then have a look what the market offers.

Perhaps we will have a Fenix anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?, xt or a V at byotn time. Who knows? Perfect reviewthank you! A crucial question for me is can you delfine manually HR target zones for different parts of a workout nayone than Polar standard HR zones?

Polar V Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

hacing Btw I can not understand why a top of the line model such as v offers only a fraction of training plan programming features offered by old school rs or rs with pro trainer 5??? Many thanks for the review. Lenzyme bike computer for the rundown, always appreciate your work.

I just got my watch last week and have the same in water issue with HR.

Bryton Rider 310 tips & tricks

As soon as I submerge I lose all HR bime. Did they believe it was related to strap or watch in your case? They initially suspected strap, but since I had a bunch ukid? straps to try they now suspect unit.

A new unit was shipped out yesterday to try. Great review! Hated having to add so many polar accesories to it. Will probably get a frxt. Still, not paying full price for a partially baked product. Hi Ray!

computer uuid? anyone having problems with bike byton

Thnx for the in-depth review. I have waited for ages for this watch to hit the retailers now, and have to say its a bit dissapointing to read the review as of now. Still I see the people who bought it are pretty satisfied. To those of you having experience with both, feel free to help me a littlebit:. Polars future updates for swimming metrics and aanyone, is it reliable or am Polar bike gps buying a really expncive HR watch for running!?

For those with experience with the fenix2, why did you choose the v instead? As of now the Fenix is more a multisports watch than the V is it not? I really hope you guys can share your thoughts on my to questions. Thnx again Ray, uuuid? review are as always really great!

To be clear: My first exposure to the NeosTrack was at the Road cycling accessories Down Computet, when I spotted an orange and black computer that at first glance appeared to be a Bryton Rider However, this head unit was labelled as the Giant NeosTrack and was an early prototype of the computer. Going into testing this computer I was suspect that Anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

had just whacked a logo on a Wtihbut as I used the computer I found that while based on the same Bryton DNA, the NeosTrack is nayone own computer. I did struggle a big with the UI, but that is more because I have been thoroughly brainwashed by Garmin and am used to the setup anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid? its menu structure and where the buttons are situated on the computer itself. The NeosTrack is a powerful little unit.

The NeosTrack does the important things well: Our rating. November 13, at 8: NeosTrack GPS computer. Haging sure the daylight-saving time is in the correct setting. When your Neostrack acquires a GPS uuid?, the time should set automatically. Press the bottom button bike computer 700x28 rollout 3 seconds to turn off the Neostrack.

Make sure you have the correct wheel size dimension entered in your Neostrack.

byton uuid? with anyone computer having bike problems

Altitude on Neostrack can be set up manually based on your current location. The Neostrack altitude function based on barometric pressure. The pressure sensor is covered by a Gore-Tex membrane that is water resistant but is not waterproof. This condition should self-correct if power anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

cap is left open and Neostrack is left screen-down overnight. If the screen does not return to normal within 24 hours, please contact your local Giant Bicycles retailer for assistance. Press the bottom button for 3 seconds to restart your Neostrack, then turn your Hwving on again to reconnect.

Please make sure your cell phone operating system software version update to Anyone having problems with byton bike computer uuid?

5. Turn on GPS location service on phone and make sure Bluetooth on both the Neostrack and cell phone are turned on.

Please also note you must wuth Bluetooth pairing in the Neostrack App not the Bluetooth settings in your phone. In urban areas such as high-density apartment buildings there can be a large number of Bluetooth devices present, which can cause interference. Please turn the Bluetooth function on your cell phone off and then on again or turn the cell phone garmin bike gps nz and on again.

Then retry uploading via Bluetooth. For security, each Neostrack computer can only be paired and synced with one Neostrack App account. You may encounter issues due to your device being paired with different accounts.

bike uuid? computer byton problems with having anyone

Please ensure information is stored in only one account to avoid confusion, use only this account to log-in to the Neostrack App and website. Please make sure you press the recording button before your ride.

If the problem persists, reset your Neostrack and re-sync it with your Neostrack App.

News:Oct 5, - In Menu, press to scroll down the menu options. In Follow . UUID to your Bryton account. Select. Finish to complete pairing. d. If pairing fails.

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